10 Most Bike-Friendly Cities In America

Riding a bike is a beneficial exercise that provides you with upper and lower body workout. Cycling is also a fun activity and a very cheap and convenient means of transportation. As compared to other means of transport, cycling reduces air pollution and provides you with so many health benefits.

The world has many cities where bike riding is mostly encouraged. Europe is known for its bike friendliness and cities in the United States are also making an effort in ensuring that the streets there are safe for bike riding.

If you are wondering which are the best cycling cities in the United States, I have given you with a list of the major cities where you can go for bike runs and have a wonderful riding experience. These cities include the following:

Minneapolis, Minn

This is a place that is known for brutal winters, but this doesn’t prevent you from taking rides. This city has the second-highest number of cyclists in the United States after Portland. They have an amazing bike culture and have a wide range of roadies, BMXers, messengers and hipsters among others. Another thing that makes the place perfect for riders is its flat nature that attracts beginners and people who want to get to work without sweating it.

This city has put a lot of effort to support a large number of cycling community. The city is investing in developing a network of bike lanes through different programs. They ensure that the lanes stay clear especially during winter when there is plenty of snow and ice.

Boulder, Colorado

This is an incredible place where you can go for bike rides with your friends and family. The city is a great place for cyclists with hundreds of miles of bike paths that are easily accessible. The city has a nice bike program that provides 24 hours bike access at any B-station.

If you are fond of mountain biking, this is the place to be. One of the major things that slow cyclists down in this place is the low attitude. If you love taking a bottle of beer, you can counter the problem by taking a post-ride beer and the many microbreweries that are found there.

Portland, Oregon

Don’t just take your bike and begin riding in any place. Some of the places are not bike-friendly, and you might end up ruining your whole cycling experience or involve yourself in accidents. If you are looking for a great place to take your rides, you can visit Portland, Oregon which has been the leading cycling city in the US for many years.

As compared to other cities in the US, this is the only place that has so many cyclists per capita. There are a wide range of mountain bike shops, and rental stores are also available. Cyclists love the place because of the Forest Park which is the largest urban reserve where you can enjoy cycling as you explore the nature.

New York City

If you think that the traffic in the city will prevent you from riding your bike, then you are wrong. There are many miles of bike lanes in New York city that accommodate many cyclists hence making it fun to ride. According to research, almost 200,000 of people in New York cycle to work daily and over half a million ride bikes to work at least twice in a month.

For those people who do love riding in the presence of cars, you can take a ride down the Hudson River Greenway, which is a protected pedestrian path up to 11 miles. If you want to rent a bike, you can also do it in the park. Another thing that makes the city perfect for cyclists is the policies that prohibit vehicle traffic at certain hours during weekends. This makes the place very safe for riders.

Washington, DC

This is another great place that accommodates many cyclists. The city is great for cyclists who want to do away with traffic jam and parking when on vacation. With your bike, you can cruise through Washington DC and get a faster and easier way to access the great monuments and memorials.

The city has Capital Bikeshare program that provides over 1800 rental bikes. For those adventurous riders, to incredible places like Big Wheel Bike rental shop and get a mountain bike.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson also brags of more bicycle infrastructure as compared to other cities in the United States. The city has over 700 miles of designated bikeways where you can enjoy taking your rides. You can ride throughout the year without bundling up.

Austin, Texas

This is another bike-friendly city in the United States that commuters love. The city has taken a lot of effort in promoting bike tourism with four major bike paths. Additionally, there are hundreds of miles of bike lanes and many bike racks that make the place very convenient for cyclists.

Cincinnati, Ohio

You can also visit the place which has around 60 miles of trails and pathways and 250 miles of roads that are bile-friendly. Additionally, many bike racks and garages are available throughout the city. The government in this place is dedicated to making biking the best means of transport for commuters and cyclists who ride for fun.

Missoula, Montana

This is another city where the bicycles rule the city. You can use a bike to reach almost any place and there is also many mountain bikes trails that you will find outside the town. This place is also the home of Adventure Cycling Association, one of the nation’s premier bicycle travel organization.

San Diego

For those who love road bikes and mountain bike riding, San Diego is the place to be. You can ride at any time of the year because the place has a very pleasant weather. It also has a bike share program aimed at putting 1800 bikes at 180 stations.

Final Words

There so many cities in the United States where you can enjoy bike riding. The above cities that I have mentioned are not the only ones, and there are many others that you can add to the list. The United States is working very hard in ensuring that most of the cities are bike-friendly and they have many programs that promote bike riding.

You can visit any of these places, and you can be sure of having a very enjoyable and successful riding experience. Bike riding is fun and provides your body with so many benefits. When you are going to school or work, you can use a bike which gives you an easy means of transportation and also helps you avoid traffic.

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