10 Myths Uncovered About Cycling

You have finally decided cycling is going to be your thing, and people will try to convince you otherwise. Then, you will meet other people who will say about their experiences in cycling which is usually the complete opposite of that. People say things, but not everything is true. Through your experiences and risk taking, you will be able to know the real nature of cycling.

Cycling Makes Men Impotent

Many types of research have been conducted to figure out this myth but, there are just more questions uncovered rather than answers.  As much as you as a cyclist enjoy cycling at your own free time, it is the same way you can enjoy intercourse. Cycling does not make men poor in their duties but stronger and better.

Let’s sample China, it has the highest population, yet it also grabs the first position of having the highest number of cyclist.  So what do you think this means? That the thought of cycling is making you impotent, it’s just a mythology with no valid proof yet not unless your bicycle has an uncomfortable seat that may harm you.

Cycling Is Not For Women

Several surveys have been carried out all over the world to disapprove this myth. Ladies and girls also enjoy cycling, and they are better at it than men at times. Research shows that through bicycling history can acknowledge some women who lived an exemplary legacy. In fact, cycling is a hobby to most women.

Women love strolling to the market or groceries on their bikes. Girls go to school on bikes. Today, with the modern technology, a lady dressed in the perfect gear can also compete equally in a cycling competition. Ladies also get to experience auxiliary benefits that come with riding a bike like staying fit.

Cycling Is For Fit People

fit by cycling

When you cycle over time, you become fit, but when you start off, it’s not necessary for you to be fit.  Let’s say you begin biking because you want to have fun or a simple form of transport for you.  Besides your primary reasons for cycling, you will still get to exercise your muscles and make them fitter.

Though you will just be using the same energy, you use to walk unless your bike had some defaults like a not well-positioned saddle which will make you peddle hard.  If you go to work or school and your way happens to have steep slopes, then you can use electric bikes to beat the slopes instead of peddling through it every day. That way you may develop muscle strains and unnecessary aches.

Cyclists Ignore Traffic Rules

Let’s just set things straight, between a bicycle and a motor vehicle, which one was discovered first? A bicycle, yes you got it right. The same way a vehicle gets to enjoy the roads, a bicycle also has the right to be on the road.

As much as cycling does not involve paying tax, it is not involved in pollution, but the cyclist is a taxpayer. Not necessarily through the bike but through other means. Cycling is also a nice way to escape traffic because a bike can navigate between lanes unlike a car, but, a wise cyclist keeps up with the traffic rules so as not to be involved in any accidents. Not unless cyclists have their special lanes where things like traffic lights don’t apply.

Cycling Is Childish

You can agree with me that kids love bikes.  Some adults also love bikes.  You know these grown up people who love bikes begun biking when they were still kids, and they grew up with bikes on their side. This does not mean that they are less mature or as one can say, childish.  They started with toys, and now they are cycling real bikes.

Don’t say that bikes don’t need to be taken seriously. A bike can help you in many ways like for transport when going to school or work.  It can help you exercise and stay fit.  A bike can enable you to escape traffic.

Cycling Is Limited By Weather

It’s normal for the weather to be crazy sometimes and you may have a hard time cycling.  But today, it’s like anything can be overcome.  Just have the appropriate gear for the weather, and you will have an easy time cycling. You can wear or have something that protects you from too much exposure to the sun.

You can also wear something that will prevent you from soaking when it rains. Remember we cannot control the weather. We can only overcome it with the help of weather forecasts to guide us.

Cycling Wastes Time

A cyclist cycling at a normal speed, he or she is faster than a person who is walking and slower than that one who is on a scooter or in a vehicle.  Cycling does not waste time. It depends on you stipulation of time versus distance.

If your office is eighty kilometers from home, with a car, it means you will be there in an hours’ time but with a bike, an hour won’t be enough. Instead, you may choose to start your journey early and ride at your pace cutting through lanes that a car cannot.

Cyclists Don’t Pay Tax

Cyclists pay tax but not through cycling instead of other means. This is because the average wage earner in the country pays tax. If you don’t pay, it’s chopped from your salary. The same tax is used to construct roads. This does not mean that cars have more rights to roads than bicycles.

One Can’t Cycle To The Office

One can cycle comfortably to the office. Do you know why? As long as you cycle slower in lighter clothes, you won’t sweat too much. Besides, you can also change from cycling gear to office clothes.

If you sweat so much, other offices have showers and changing rooms where people can refresh and be ready to beat the day. If cycling to work makes you tired, you can refill and rest up nicely before work time.

Cycling Makes You Sweat

If you are just cycling on your own at a comfortable pace dressed nicely, you won’t have to sweat so much.  Yes, cycling will make you sweat, but you can control it.  If you peddle so fast and you are wearing heavy warm clothes you will surely sweat.

But if you cycle comfortably without straining so much, dressed in lighter clothes you will not sweat so much.  If you are going far, leave early so that you won’t have to cycle fast.  If you have luggage, place it on the bike carrier instead of carrying it on your back.  This way you will arrive sweat free and still fresh.


There are many myths about cycling that clearly do not add up. If you are a great cyclist in today’s era, there is no problem about cycling that has no remedy. There is always a way around something. Do what makes you happy and comfortable, don’t stop over someone’s miscellaneous thoughts. Cycling is a great thing, and if you love it, nothing will stop you.

About the Author Matthew R. Duncan

I am proud to be the go-to guy among my circle for bike advice. I take it personally when someone I know buys a new bike without consulting me first!

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