20 Reasons to Take up Cycling – The Ways Bike Help You Improving Your Life!

Cycling is the cheapest way of transport, and it does not require too much maintenance processes. It is also an environment-friendly way of transportation as compared to other means of transport. If you are wondering how you will benefit from cycling, I have provided you with 20 reasons why you should take up cycling seriously.

1. Cycling Will Give You Healthier Skin

Exercise is the best thing that you can give your body. Your body consists of various body organs that need enough supply of oxygen. By doing exercises like cycling, your skin cells will be supplied by collagen hence making it healthy.

2. Cycling Help the Environment

Vehicles pollute the environment by producing smoke which pollutes the air. Through cycling, you preserve the environment because it doesn’t contribute to any pollution. Cycling has been rated as the cheapest mode of transport that is very environment-friendly.

3. Better Co-Ordination

Human beings have different parts of the body, and all the parts need co-ordination with each other. Cycling improves leg-arm, hand-feet, and eye-body coordination. This allows the body parts to be more flexible and it is important when doing dancing or anything that requires body movement.

4. Cycling Saves Your Money

Everybody like saving money, don’t you? If you compare the cost of transport you use when using a vehicle, you will find it is very expensive in the long run. Another advantage of cycling is that its maintenance process is low and very affordable. You don’t need fuel to use a bike.

5. It’s Perfect When Nursing an Injury

If you happen to have an injury, you can improve your condition through cycling. It helps you recover from the injury and get back to your normal condition. This is beneficial to all people of fitness level and ages.

6. Cycling Can Be Social

Cycling is not something that you have to do it alone. It is a way of meeting other new friends of the same hobby. Today, there are cycling groups or clubs that you can join and share so many important things about cycling as well as other ideas in life. You are free to join any that suits your interest; you can choose the evening ride, early morning ride or the weekend ride.

7. Keeps Fit on the Cheap

It is interesting that having a bike ride reduces the chances of you getting some diseases. It improves your body health-wise. Once you cycle, you save your money that you would have paid in gym classes.

8. Smile More

Smiling also contributes to our good health. If you realize that you are moody, don’t give up with life, instead, have a ride around your area and meet new people. When you cycle, you will lift up your spirit and feel good. Cycling is a good way to release stress and makes you feel happy instead of idling around.

9. Healthy Family Time

When you cycle, you can move around with everybody in the family. Children can accompany their parents when cycling. Your grandparents can join you too. Cycling does not choose based on age or fitness, and anybody can do it.  Cycling gives a quality time to enjoy together with your whole family.

10. Get Strong

Cycling gives your body an overall exercise, and it is a way to build up one’s body muscles. Many people get convinced that the legs are the only parts that benefits, no, your body has different parts and all the parts get involved as you cycle. This is a very efficient way to improve your body structure.

11. Get a Better Night Sleep

When you exercise a lot, the body cells become more active. Cycling reduces the chances of having a sleepless night. Due to movement of body parts, you will feel tired thus have a deep sleep.

12. Make New Friends

Cycling improves one’s chances to have new friends. When you are an indoor person, make cycling to be your daily activity, and you realize how much social you will become. Making friends is a good thing; friends will come up with more interesting stories that will motivate you as you engage in cycling activity.

13. Better Creativity

Even a few minutes of cycling will boost your thinking and creativity. It motivates and gives you breathing space away from what real life is. When you cycle around, you get the chance to solve mental blocks and come up with the right decision and relieves traces of stress in your mind.

14. It Doesn’t Discriminate

Cycling gives your whole body practice and keep you fit. Cycling is just for anybody out there, and it has no gender or specific tribe or age.

15. Keeps Illness at Bay

Many scientists have done research from different universities and have confirmed that cycling is the best option that one should put in his her schedule every day. Cycling prevents diseases like stroke, some cancers, heart attack, depression, arthritis and obesity

16. It Is Cardiovascular

Cycling is very important in our lives because it develops one’s stamina, and it is good for one’s health. Try to cycle for at least 150 minutes per week; it will give you the best results to your heart problems and the entire body.

17. Safe for Joints

Cycling is not just for young people. It is suitable for all groups of age. Some of the sports like running put pressure on the elderly almost at the whole body, that’s why many people prefer cycling because it is safe for the joints.

18. Help Promote Weight Loss

If you make cycling a routine, you can burn approximately 300 calories every hour. You will also burn 11pounds of fat in a year if you cycle for 30 minutes every day. Cycling boosts one’s metabolic rate and helps in the building of muscles.

19. Increase Muscle Tone

You can increase your muscle tone through cycling. It also enhances the strength of leg muscles, and it is good in the mobility of knee and hip joints. If you cycle gradually, you will notice that the muscle tone of your legs, bum, thighs, and hips has improved.

20. Reduces Pollution

Vehicles greatly pollute the air by producing smoke. This is different when it comes to cycling. It provides a very environment-friendly mode of transportation and doesn’t pollute the environment.

In conclusion, for you to ride safely, you bike must be well maintained and taken good care of. You should always not forget to carry out some of the simple repairs.

About the Author Matthew R. Duncan

I am proud to be the go-to guy among my circle for bike advice. I take it personally when someone I know buys a new bike without consulting me first!

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