29″ Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike Review – Appealing Design

Are you looking to own a bike that will ensure maximum comfort, speed, and durability? The 29” Mongoose XR-PRO Mountain Bike possesses all the features of the latest bike, built with upgraded technologies to withstand the weather and different types of roads.

Aluminum Frame

Mongoose XR Pro frame is of aluminum fitting durable enough to withstand your weight and stabilize the mountain bike. Full suspension is necessary for balancing when riding on a rough road reducing the possibility of breaking vital parts of the mountain bike.

Suntour Crank

The Mongoose XR-Pro contains a very firm and complicated SR Suntour Crank. It offers a wide range of options. The gears are designed in such a manner that you can exchange the gears with ease while you are peddling on different roads. One significant benefit of the SR Suntour crank is to provide a range of gearing to help during hill-climbing and on a straight path.

Smooth Disk Brakes

Mongoose XR Pro braking system design guarantees smooth, and impulse stop, vital to any moving machine. Both the front and the rear wheel have disk braking, which gives you all-condition stopping power. The disks are separated so that you can use single braking for a smooth stop, and both braking when you want a halt.

Allow Rims

Mongoose XR-Pro mountain bike elevates your class, with cleverly designed alloy rims that give your mountain bike a neat appearance. The wide alloy rims offer more than an appearance; it withstands the weight.

The lightweight rims make it easy to carry and store the mountain bike anywhere, never need to be worried about rust.

Pro Suspension

You cannot be able to compare the XR-Pro mountain bike pro suspension with any other models, fitted just below the seat. The suspension fork offers a smooth riding experience, acts as an effort settling between the frame, and very essential for controlled riding through rough roads and bumps.

A health benefit of the suspension is to reduce bombarding, which may affect your back after long rides.

24-Speed Gear

If there is one thing, you don’t want to compromise is the speed of your mountain bike, The Mongoose XR-Pro is a 24-speed bike, and this is the bike you are looking for. The SRAM SX4 shifters make sure you can change the gears swiftly, smoothly, and efficiently up to the 24-speed.

The trigger shifters make it easy to change the speed on different paths, and roads without using any effort; you will not feel the difference in change, but the speed.


  • Appealing design is making the mountain bike an everyday bike to move from one place to another.
  • The design allows you to ride for sports, comfort, and everywhere you want
  • The full bars of the Mongoose XR-Pro make it very comfortable for bigger as well as small riders
  • The mountain bike has a solid frame reducing any chance of breakage making the bike very solid
  • Mongoose XR-Pro mountain bike has several components that are easy to replace and upgrade
  • Mongoose XR-Pro is an inexpensive mountain bike worth the price and very easy to assemble.


  • The rear suspension is just a spring that is likely to break due to weight and corrosion.
  • Tires are not durable to handle the terrains and rough paths, limited time for off-road riding.
  • XR-Pro brakes are flimsy and demand a frequent replacement.

Final Verdict

Mongoose XR-Pro Mountain Bike is an outstanding mountain bike, which is very flexible and easy to use. The unmatched features and specs make this bike one to die for. Another plus is that it’ll cost you less money to maintain.

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