Best Bike Lock Reviews 2019 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide!

Best Bike Lock Reviews 2019 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide!

It’s a good thing that the sales of bicycles are increasing each year, and that numerous cities are trying to accommodate bikers with more bike lanes and trails. On the other hand, the high number of bikes all over the place has made it easy for criminals to steal bikes.

In fact, it’s estimated that more than 1.5 million of  road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes or other bikes  get stolen each year. More than half the property crimes in college campuses involve bike theft. And of those, only about 3,000 thefts are reported.

No one is really expecting that the police can recover those bikes once they’re stolen. But you can help prevent such a crime from happening in the first place : Most of the time, it’s a crime of opportunity.

If you just leave your bike unsecured and without a guard around, anyone can just get it. So if you can just use a bike lock, you can deter most criminals from stealing your bike, and using it as their getaway vehicle.

Which leads us to a simple question: which bike lock should you get? It’s not true that they’re all the same. Here are some bike locks which may fit your needs:

10 Best Bike Locks in 2019 – Comparisons

10 Best Bike Locks in 2019 – Reviews

1. Ardent Bike Lock

Ardent Bike Lock

Ardent Bike Lock measures 5½ feet, which makes it a rather versatile lock. You can use this for other items that you tend to leave outside, such as for stroller wheels and for your grill.

It can even be used for a golf cart or a boat. It’s self-coiling too, so you won’t have much trouble with a bike lock this long. In fact, it’s quite quick and easy to use. It’s made from 0.38-inch braided steel cable, which is more than enough to deter petty thieves even with simple tools like pliers and screwdrivers. Unless they bring a bolt cutter, you’re safe.

The combination to open the lock offers 10,000 possibilities, so thieves can’t just try out various 4-digit combos. It’s also easy to reset the combination, so if you think that someone saw what number combination you’re using, you can just change it.

Best of all, it doesn’t need keys (which lots of people tend to lose). You don’t have to worry about the lock inadvertently scratching the nice paint job on your bike (or golf cart). It comes with a protective ABS coating to prevent that sort of thing from happening.

It’s also weather resistant. When you have a weather resistant bike that you tend to leave out in the rain. But it’s annoying when the bike lock doesn’t have the same capability. But this one does. It won’t rust. That same coating that keeps it from scratching your bike also protects the lock from corrosion.

It even comes with a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. I’m not quite sure why you’d want to return this, but then at least you have this as insurance.

2. UShake Bike Lock Cable

UShake Bike Lock Cable

UShake Bike Lock Cable measures about 4 feet, so it can be used for a wide variety of items aside from bikes.

You can use it to secure skateboards, lawnmowers and grills, tool boxes, and ladders. Of course, you can also use it to secure a fence or a gate. It’s quite thick and sturdy too, so even really strong with pliers should be able to easily break this. It’s about 0.44-inch thick. The PVC coating around the flexible steel cables protect it from corrosion. It also makes it a stronger lock. Also, that PVC coating keeps it from ruining the paint job on your bike.

It comes with a 4-digit combination lock (10,000 possibilities), which is easy enough to set or reset. You don’t need keys, which is always a bad idea with locks like these since you can lose them easily. It also comes with a mounting bracket free. It’s very light, so you can just leave it on the frame of your bike and you won’t notice its weight at all. It’s also very easy to use.

Locking it, putting in the combination to open, resetting the combination, and wrapping it around the post are all simple and easy. And if in the odd case that you need help to use it, it also comes with user instructions. 

3. Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike Locks

Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike Locks

Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike Locks made from solid steel that measures 15 mm in diameter. That’s great, since the standard for other U-Locks is 13mm.

The inside of the “U” area is 9.5 inches, and it is 4.25 inches wide at its narrowest point. But it also comes with a 5-foot long braided steel cable, 2 unique laser cut keys, and even a snap on carrying mount as part of the purchase. Other brands come with cables too, but they often measure only 4 feet. And they don’t come with a mountable bracket either. It’s easy enough to use, as it’s like a giant padlock.

Use the cocoweb heavy duty bike locks to secure a wheel to your down tube. It also comes with a Weather Guard for the lock. This keeps out the rain and other environmental elements out, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion and other types of damage. 

The U-Bar is covered with PVC coating, to keep the water away and to prevent it from scratching up your bike frame. For security reasons, you can’t get replacement keys from the manufacturer.

That’s so no one can try to pretend that they’ve lost their keys to your lock. You can’t get a number of these locks all keyed to the same key, and again that’s another security precaution. So if you tend to lose your key, have a copy made right away and then put it somewhere safe and accessible for you.

4. Master Lock 8127TRI Bike Lock/Cable

Master Lock 8127TRI Bike LockCable

Master Lock 8127TRI Bike Lock/Cable is a set of 3 cable locks. It makes sense when you don’t want to risk finding your frame secured to a post except the wheels are gone! With this, you can secure the wheels to the frame too.

This saves you from buying extra cables or a U-lock when you’re worried about your nice wheels. Each cable is very long at 6 feet, which makes it extremely versatile as you can wrap and secure a lot of other items that you tend to leave outdoors.

It’s only 8mm (5/16 of an inch) wide, but this may be an advantage in your case. You can push the cable through very small slots in trash cans and fences that thicker cables won’t fit through. Each cable comes with a key, so you have 3 keys total.

But you don’t have to remember which key opens which cable lock. One key can open all the cables. So you have 2 spare keys if (or rather, when) you lose a key. It’s very light, and the cables tend to coil very easily. This means that it’s eminently portable. You can put in all the cables inside a single fanny pack.

Or if you want, you can keep them all coiled around your bike frame. The chains come with vinyl covering, so you don’t scratch your bike. It keeps water away too. This cable works as a very effective lock against casual thieves who look for easy opportunities. Most of the time, the presence of the cables is enough to deter them.

5. Foneso Security Anti-theft Bike Lock

Foneso Security Anti-theft Bike Lock

Did you ever worry that perhaps 4 digits aren’t enough to deter thieves? A patient thief may be able to try all possibilities until they get it right, if you give them enough time.

For example, a 2-hour class may be enough time for them to try systematically guessing the combination. But here you have 5 digits in the combination! If you do the math, that’s 100,000 possible combinations. That’s not something you find in most bike locks. There’s no need for keys that may break inside the lock or get lost.

The cable measures just shy of 3 feet, so it’s just right for a bike or a skateboard. That’s not something you find in most bike locks. There’s no need for keys that may break inside the lock or get lost. The cable measures just shy of 3 feet, so it’s just right for a bike or a skateboard.

Foneso Security Anti-theft Bike Lock also just 6mm thick, so you can push it through various tiny slots that other thick cables can’t get into. Since it’s short and thin, the weight is negligible at 0.77 grams. That’s not even a third of an ounce.

You can just lock it on the cross bar or the seat post when you’re not using it. The chain is tasteless so dogs (and maybe small children) aren’t tempted to munch on it. And if they do, it’s safe as it is non-toxic. The chain is protected by a dust proof and waterproof cover. This also protects your paintwork from scratches.

In spite of some misinformed reviews, the number combination can be reset. After putting in the right combination, you can open the lock. There’s an inner dial that you can turn ¼ of the way, then you can set the new combination. Then just turn that inner dial back and you’re done.

6. Mongoose Large Bicycle U-Lock

Mongoose Large Bicycle U-Lock

Mongoose Large Bicycle U-Lock is one of the most affordable locks available, which makes sense if you’re also trying to secure a very cheap bike.

Yet even though it’s cheap, it also comes with a free bike-mounting bracket. It comes with a lever that tightens its hold on the loop and the lock, so that it doesn’t swing around when you’re pedaling around town. Mongoose Large Bicycle U-Lock comes with the padlock-like U-design.

It’s about 4.5 inches apart, and the diameter is a little bit more than half an inch. The locking part is about an inch in diameter. You also get 2 keys for the lock, so you already have a spare if you lose one of the keys. Since it’s human nature to lose keys like this (I think it’s coded in the human DNA), you’ll need to have a copy made from the spare afterwards.

It’s simple to use and quite portable, which is about what you can expect from this type of key at this price range. It works best if you try to be gentle with it. If you’re the sort of person who likes to slam things, then this may not be your best option.

7. Etronic Security Lock M4 Self Coiling Lock

Etronic Security Lock M4 Self Coiling Lock

Many of us like to have our cable locks wrapped around the top tube (crossbar) or the seat post.

But some of these cable locks aren’t really all that nice looking. This time, the Etronic cable lock comes in 5 different colors. You can pick between black, blue, green, yellow, and even pink to suit your taste or your bikes color scheme. This cable measures 4 feet long, so it should be big enough to also secure tool boxes and ladders.

Etronic Security Lock M4 Self Coiling Cable Lock  also comes with an 8mm diameter, which is thick enough to deter casual thieves. But it’s also small enough to fit in various tiny slits.

The flexible steel cable is covered by protective vinyl coating. This keeps the water out, and also prevents any scratching of the bike paint. In fact, it’s this vinyl coating that comes in the color you want. It doesn’t need keys that you will eventually lose anyway.

Instead, you have a 4-digt combination lock, and 4 digits should be easy enough to memorize. If even 4 digits is a challenge for you to remember, do what I do. I tend to think of it as a pair of 2-digit numbers like 23 and 57. (By the way, that’s not the number combination I use.)

It also comes with user instructions.The brand has been the victim of counterfeiting, since it’s a bit famous. It even has thousands of reviews online for just this particular lock. So to make sure you’re getting the real deal, it shouldn’t be shipped from Singapore, Hong Kong, or China.

It should come from the US. And when you get it, check the packaging. There shouldn’t be any grammatical or spelling errors at all. You have to memorize the preset combination it comes with, as you can’t reset it. But that may be a good idea of you tend to have easy number combinations you tend to use. 

8. Amazer Bike Cable Lock

Amazer Bike Cable Lock

Amazer bike cable lock uses a keyless 4-digit number combination to open the lock. Again, the lack of keys can be very helpful for those of us who tend to lose keys as a matter of course.

That’s probably all of us, if we’re being honest. The lock and cable comes in a black color, which should look nice enough even when you wrap it around the top tube or the seat post. The numbers are even in yellow, so it’s very readable even with little light. It also comes with a free mount so you can really transport it easily on your bike. It measures 4 feet long, which is quite standard for locks of this type. That should be long enough to secure various types of equipment that we tend to keep out, like tool boxes, ladders, and grills. This should also be good enough for skateboards.

The flexible steel cables are sturdy enough to offer some resistance to basic cutting tools. It’s 12mm in diameter, so it should take a while to saw. And that’s only when you have a very determined thief. Most thieves don’t bother when the lock looks this formidable. The steel cables are covered by PVC coating.

This keeps it from scratching the bike’s paint job while it also keeps the moisture out.  Amazer bike cable lock very easy to set the lock combination. And the locking mechanism clicks into place easily too. Go online around various eCommerce sites, and you’ll find that just about everyone gives it perfect marks. It really is that good for its price.

9. Bell WatchDog Cable Lock

Bell WatchDog Cable Lock

Bell WatchDog Cable Lock measures 5 feet, so it’s a bit longer than usual. It should even be long enough that you can secure your front wheel as well as your frame.

You can also secure more things with it. You may even use it for your lawnmower and grill if you keep them outside. The Bell WatchDog Cable Lock is quite tough and strong, and it measures a formidable 12mm. It offers a considerably greater cut strength that will really deter thieves from trying to steal your bike. Part of its effectiveness is deterrence. It looks tough and strong, so thieves won’t even try to steal your bike by breaking the lock.

Bell WatchDog Cable Lock comes with a 4-digit combination, and you can easily reset it to the combination you like. The locking mechanism works very well too. The numbers are also very easy to dial, so you don’t have to waste time getting it to open with the right combination. After all, you may have left it under the hot sun or in the rain, and you really want to hurry.

The cable tends to coil itself tightly. In fact, it’s rather reluctant to straighten out, so you shouldn’t have trouble coiling it around a post. An hour is definitely not enough to break this lock or cable. It doesn’t just look tough. It’s really heavy duty.

This lock can work when you need to leave it out for a couple of hours. This bodes well for students, who can just check on it after every other class so they know that there isn’t someone there trying to steal their bike.

10. Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Lock

Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Lock

Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock is one of the most reputable security brands around, so you know that they produce high quality items.

But this is recommended only for use in low crime areas. At least they’re honest about it. It works best as a deterrent for casual thieves who may be tempted to run away with an unlocked bike lying there with no one around. IKryptonite Keeper Bicycle Lock uses a key to open the lock. You have 3 keys, so you have 2 spares. The keys come with an ergonomic shape so you can turn it easily. You should make copies of the keys, but Kryptonite may replace the first lost set of keys for free.

You can choose among 4 possible colors for the protective covering: black, gray, red, or purple. The protective covering keeps it from scratching the pain on your bike, and it also keeps the moisture out. It measures only 85cm (about 33 inches) long.

That should be enough to lock the tube and the front wheel to a post. It’s also long enough for ladders, tool boxes, and skateboards. The 4-sided chain links are 7mm thick, and they’re made of sturdy 3t manganese steel.

It uses a hardened deadbolt has extra holding power, so it can provide lots of resistance to leverage attacks. The high security disc-style cylinder is even resistant to picks and drills.

Final Verdict

If you really want to be super secure when you leave your bike unattended, it’s not a matter of choosing between a U-lock and a cable lock. Seriously, get both. That really deters thieves from stealing your bike, since there are so many other easier targets around.

But if you just need one lock to deter bike thieves, then perhaps you can just get the Amazer Bike Cable Lock. The Bell Watchdog and the Ardent are good choices too, but the Amazer gets top marks.

First of all, it’s very sturdy. And it looks tough too. After all, it’s 12mm thick so it hardly looks flimsy. It can really resist various cutting tools. And since it is 4 feet long, you can use it easily enough.

In fact, while it makes things difficult for thieves it makes things easy for you. It’s long enough so you can secure your bike without too much effort. The lock slides neatly into place. It uses a 4-digit combination, which offers several advantages.

It’s not all that hard to memorize, and it’s easy to turn the dial. It’s easy to transport because of the free mount, and it’s quite light.

And what should really seal the deal is that we’re not the only ones who are singing its praises. While it’s not that popular yet, it ought to be. That’s because just about everyone who has used it recommends it too.

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