Best Bike Phone Mount 2020 - Smartphone Holders Compared

Best Bike Phone Mount 2020 – Smartphone Holders Compared

Best Bike Phone Mount

There are number of reasons why you might want to use your smartphone while riding your bike. Maybe you want to listen to music while riding and want to easily scroll through a playlist or you might need to take important calls. You can even use your smartphone instead of a bike computer.

There are a many great cycling apps that can track all sorts of ride data and offer you maps and routing. Having your screen in front of you allows you to see which turn to take next.

If you want to regularly see and use your smartphone while riding without the need to stop, then you will need a bicycle phone mount to keep it securely in view. It is not a simple case of picking the first one you find. There are differences in style and intended use. It can all get a bit confusing so this article will let you know what you need to consider and help you find the best phone mount for your needs.

10 Bike Phone Mounts - Comparisons

Important Considerations Before Buying


Case & Mount

This type is made up of a phone model specific case which clips onto a plastic attachment on the handlebars or stem. Most will allow you to mount your phone in a landscape or portrait position.

Universal bracket

These do not have a case but a bracket that can be adjusted to hold nearly any size or shape of phone (even a phone already in a case). Although potentially not as secure, you can use it with different phones and you do not need to buy a new mount to match your new phone.

Frame bag

 These mount on your top tube and have a window through which you can see your phone screen. The window should be touchscreen compatible. The advantage of this type is that you also have some extra storage space for other items like snacks but it might not be quite as easy to see the screen as you have to look down further.

Mount Type

Some mounts fit onto the handlebar, to either side of the stem. Others fit onto the stem, either in front of it, on it, or even on the stem cap. Some people prefer having their phone right in the middle of their eyeline, so mounting it on the handlebar is not an option for thm.

If you do want it in the middle, having it out in front of your stem gives the shortest distance you have to move your eyes, whereas a stem cap mounted phone is further back.


Before purchasing, make absolutely sure that the mount is compatible with your phone. Some mounts may be compatible with many models and others will only fit one.


It will always rain at some point. Whether you often go out riding in the rain, or if you are likely to be caught in a shower depends on you and what kind of riding you do. If you think that you will get rained on at some point, then you should probably consider getting a waterproof mount.

Do not just assume a mount is waterproof. Just because it looks like it is waterproof, this does not mean that it actually is. The best waterproof mounts will allow you to keep using the touchscreen even in the pouring rain.


Because they have to be model specific, hardcase mounts are more expensive and are not always touchscreen compatible. Softcases are cheaper, fit a wider variety of phone models and almost always allow you to use the touchscreen. A softcase will protect the phone far less in a crash.

The Best Bicycle Phone Mounts

We have sorted through thousands of reviews and selected a variety of phone mounts for you to choose from. Once you have decided what kind of mount and features you need based on the above considerations, have a look at our suggestions below to find the perfect mount for you.

Best Bike Phone Mount in 2019 - Reviews

1. Rokform Handlebar Phone Mount


This well made mount is the right choice for anyone wanting to use their phone as a bike computer, as long as you will not be going out in the rain.

The solid case has plenty of protection on the sides to save your phone from knocks and scrapes both on and off the bike. The rubber sides ensure you can grip it well. On the back there is a hole for the camera and there is also an opening for headphones on the bottom.

The case twists and locks onto the mount in either landscpe or portrait position and the mount itself is held securely on the bars with a rubber strap.

The case does not cover the screen, so if it rains your phone will get wet. If you can live with this or live in a desert, this mount is a completely secure solution that will hold your phone in place on the handlebars.


  • Very secure hold. Solid case.


  • Not waterproof.

2. Topeak Ride Case with Mount


This case has two mounting options. You can either clamp it around the bar or stem, or a specific mount replaces the stem cap. Once the mount is installed the case clicks easily on.

You will have to remove any other cases that are already on your phone and the case does not have any weather or damage protection for your phone (a separate weatherproof case is available).

What is does do is hold your phone securely on the mount with no bouncing around. A great feature of this mount is that you can rotate your phone by 90 degrees once it is mounted. This allows you to change orientations on the go with no extra adjustments needed.

Another little feature that we really like about this case it that there is a metal leg incorporated into the back of the case, so you can also use it as a stand to prop up your phone. This works horizontally or vertically. Obviously this has no advantage when you are riding your bike but it will make showing off your ride stats to your mates a bit easier.


  • Secure hold.
  • 90 degree orientation change.
  • Integrated stand.


  • Not waterproof.

3. Lezyne Smart Phone Energy Bicycle Bag


This Lezyne framebag holds onto the top tube with hook and loop straps.

As well as holding your phone in the upper compartment with a touchscreen compatible window, you can store tools, snacks or other small items under the mesh divider.

The outer material is water resistant but not waterproof and the moulded foam helps to keep your phone safe.


  • Secure and safe storage.


  • Not waterproof.

4. Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro


If you are unsure on where exactly you want to mount your phone, this mount is for you. You do need to be sure on what phone you will be using as the plastic case is model specific, but once you know this, it comes with stem/handlebar (25.4 - 31.8 mm diameter) mounts and an out front mount.

All the mounts are quick and easy to attach to your bike.

The back of the chunky base has a socket that twists into the mount and holds it securely in place. Even riding over rough roads does not move this case. To remove the case from the mount you just push a blue tab and twist.

If excessive force is applied, it is possible to twist off the case without pressing the tab. This is to make sure that your phone twists off in a crash rather than taking the impact and breaking.

The inside of the case is a soft material to prevent scratches or abrasions on the back of your phone and all the side buttons can still be used when the phone is in the case. W​​​​hile the case is chunky and will protect your phone from impacts, there is no protection for the screen and it is not waterproof.


  • Your choice of mounts.
  • Secure hold.


  • Not waterproof.

5. Satechi Pro RideMate Bike Mount


Another affordable and universal mount. Almost any smartphone of any size will sit inside the case and the window is touchscreen compatible.

It is completely waterproof, which great if you ride lots in the rain. It attaches securely onto the mount and once there it can be rotated between landscape and portrait mode.

For the price you can’t go wrong!


  • Great price and waterproof.


  • None.

6. Birzman Navigator II Mounted phone Bag


This framebag mounts securely onto your stem and handlebar with hook and loop straps. Although secure, there is more movement in this design than clip style mounts.

The phone compartment is large enough to fit an iPhone 6 and the window is touchscreen compatible.

Underneath there is a small compartment for tools and snacks and the whole bag has a rigid enough to hold its shape. Only water resistant and not waterproof, the zip closures will not keep out heavy rain for too long.


  • Holds large phones as well as tools, snacks etc.


  • Not waterproof.

7. Biologic Bike Mount Plus Case


Biologic offer model specific cases for a range of phones that mount will hold securely. The case is waterproof and shockproof and the touch sensitive membrane allows you to use the touchscreen as normal.

Holes allow charger cables and headphones to be plugged in as well as sound to get out from the speaker so you can still make calls hands free.

If it starts to rain then all the holes can be sealed. The case mounts securely and once there it can be rotated between landscape or portrait. An arm on the back of the case allows you to use it as a stand as well.

Biologic really want you to use your phone as a bike computer and to encourage you to do so, they have released a free app called BikeBrain that will turn your iPhone into one.


  • Waterproof and shockproof.


  • None.

8. Finn Universal Bike Mount

A beautiful minimal and simple design from Austria. This single piece of silicon wraps around your handlebars and phone corners, holding it securely in place. Almost any smartphone will fit.

It goes without saying that this mount will not protect your phone at all from rain or crashes but it is a cheap and very effective solution.


  • Simple design.


  • No protection.

9. Ibera Smartphone Case and Mount


The hook and loop flaps roll down to make a water resistant seal. Although not completely waterproof, this case will keep a lot of rain out before your phone gets wet.

The window allows you to use the touch screen. The case will fit all iPhones and most other smartphones.

It clips onto a stem or bar mount in landscape or portrait mode. The mount angle can be adjusted to get it where you need it. You can angle it to be easy to read, or pull it all the way up to use your smartphone as a POV camera.


  • Adjustable mount angle.


  • Not entirely waterproof.

10. Lezyne Smart Dry Caddy


This mount combines a case and a mount using a dry-bag style seal. The top rolls down and is held in place by a velcro flap. When the phone is in the sealed case, it is completely shut off from the elements and no rain will get in.

The phone can be mounted either in portrait or landscape and the screen is visible through the touchscreen compatible window.

Using the phone is easy and problem free except for small movements. Writing a text message for example could be a bit tricky on the move, but scrolling through a playlist or answering a call poses no problem.

The back of the case fits into the mount, which is held on the handlebars with a strong band and tightened with a screw. The base is not rigid and allows the phone to shake around a bit but it stays in place securely.

A variety of phones will fit in the case including Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and the iPhone 6.


  • Completely weatherproof.


  • The phone can move around inside the case.

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