9 Best Bike Repair Stands For 2019 – Top Selection by Experts

9 Best Bike Repair Stands For 2019 – Top Selection by Experts

As you get more into cycling, you will most likely want to start making repairs and adjustments to your bike yourself rather than having a shop do it each time. Not only does this save money but you can always ensure that your bike is in top working order. Anything more than basic maintenance is made much easier with a stand to hold your bike while you work on it. Being able to work standing up rather than hunched over or kneeling down saves a lot of discomforts. With the wheels off the ground, you will be able to turn them freely when adjusting gears. Having your bike clamped securely means you no longer have to worry about it toppling over when making repairs. In this article, we will tell you what you need to look out for and show you the best bike repair stands on the market.

Best Bike Repair Stands – Comparisons


PictureBike NameWeightLoad CapacityPrice
Feedback Sports Sport MechanicFeedback Sports Sport Mechanic12.8 lb65 lbCheck Latest Price
Topeak PrepStand ProTopeak PrepStand Pro16.5 lb55 lbsCheck Latest Price
Pedro’s Folding RepairPedro’s Folding Repair Stand24.1 lbCheck Latest Price
Conquer Bench MountConquer Bench Mount4.2 lb 50 lbCheck Latest Price
Park Tool PRS-4W with 100-3DPark Tool PRS-4W with 100-3D 9.6 lbCheck Latest Price


9 Best Bike Repair Stands – Reviews

I put in many hours of research to read as many reviews as possible while considering what features of a repair stand are important. I have selected a range of stands that will match a range of budgets and requirements. Here are the top 9 best bike repairing stands for your choose.

1. Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic

Feedback Sports Sport MechanicAlthough not as feature packed, or expensive as Feedback’s top of the line model, the Sports Mechanic is built strong enough to last for many years while being light enough to pack up easily and taken to your next race. Each of the wide tripod feet has a rubber boot, ensuring your floor stays protected and the stand remains stable under load. The working height is adjustable between 39” and 65” using a wingnut rather than the quick release found on more expensive models. The threaded, spinning clamp is simple enough to use but does be careful not to tighten it too much or you could crush your seat post or frame. Due to the shape of the clamp, you may experience difficulty clamping sections of frames with external cabling.

It is always best to clamp the seat post though. The clamp arm itself can be rotated thanks to a clamp mechanism, allowing you to easily change the angle of your bike but unless done up really tight, you will find that it slowly rotates back. When not in use, you can fold up the Sports Mechanic (a travel bag is sold separately) down to 1.12m long. At 5.7kg you won’t have any problems picking it up and loading it into your car. Well built and durable, Feedback sports stand behind their design, although you probably won’t need it. The Sport-Mechanic is ready to see you and your bike through many years of riding, racing & repairs.


  • Light and durable.


  • Not always easy to clamp frames with external cabling. The clamp is not strong enough to hold a heavy bike at an angle.

Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic

Check Latest Price

2. Park Tool PCS-10 Home Mechanic

Park Tool PCS-10 Home MechanicPark Tool offers a longtime warranty on this repair stand, so once you have it, yet will stay with you forever. Its robust nature allows some compromises on functionality that may be a deal breaker for some users. The two legs spread wide and would offer a stable platform if it were not for some play where they join the main body. You will also need a level floor to put the stand on. This can cause the bike to move slightly when working on it, which is less than ideal. You still get enough stability for most jobs. Something requiring high torque like swapping a bottom bracket would likely be too much. The clamp is 35” high and has a channel to help fit in cabling or to clamp an aero seat post.

A cam is used to close the clamp and is somewhat fiddly to use, making it unattractive for anyone who works on bikes with different seat post diameters. You can rotate the clamp and bike to get the perfect angle or height for what you are working on and a quick release allows you to change the clamp height between 39” and 57”. Built from strong steel, the Home Mechanic weighs over 24 pounds. I have mountain bikes that weigh less! This does mean that it will last for at least the longtime warranty and it can hold a bike of up to to 80 pounds (who even has a bike that weighs that much?). Should anything break or go missing, all parts are replaceable via Park Tool.

While this repair stand does fold up, it will not stand up against by itself and will need to be leaned against a wall. This along with its weight make it somewhat impractical for travel. Furthermore, the mechanism for folding the legs is long-winded and not entirely intuitive. If you can live with its shortcomings, the Home Mechanic will be a reliable repair stand, happy to hold your bike for a lifetime. Please don’t test it for an actual lifetime. No repairs should take that long anyway!


  • Longtime warranty, very strong, can hold heavy bikes.


  • There is a slight play between the legs and the main body.

Park Tool PCS-10

Check Latest Price

3. Topeak PrepStand Pro

Topeak PrepStand ProOne for weight weenies and serious fettlers, the Prepstand pro has an integrated scale and comes with a parts a box and storage bag. The wide tripod feet have soft rubber boots to ensure stability and there is an air cushioning feature to prevent the stand from dropping suddenly if you accidentally open the quick release too fast. This is a great advantage if you need to raise or lower your bike while it is in the stand. Accidents can happen and the falling weight of a bike plus stand and clamp combined with moving parts can be dangerous.

I once almost sliced off the end of my finger when using a cheap repair stand. Topeak has done a great job by minimizing the risk. The clamp does require a bit more effort and time than others but it certainly is not hard to get a bike securely in place. Some of the plastic parts of the clamp can give a cheap and flimsy impression but prove durable in the long run. The angle of the clamp can be adjusted through a full 360 degrees by loosening a knob at the back. The teeth inside the machine can be damaged if under rotational force from the loaded clamp and if the knob is not fully closed. Likewise, if the knob is not fully opened before the clamp is rotated, the teeth can also get damaged.

The shining feature of this repair stand is the weight scale. Even if you were not so concerned about the weight of your bike before, this stand will have you checking each time you replace a part. Serious racers or weight weenies will love seeing the minimal weight saving of installing titanium bolts and others may appreciate being able to experiment with their bike packing setup.

The PrepStand Pro also folds up small into a water-resistant travel bag to make taking it to a race convenient. The bag even has extra room in it for tools or anything else you might want to throw in. It isn’t the fastest to set up again at the other end but if you are so pressed for time before a race that you don’t have an extra minute to spare for your repair stand, then you probably have bigger problems to deal with. Although not as bombproof as other stands, as long as you use it carefully the PrepStand pro will last you a long time and be a valuable tool at home and in race pits.


  • Integrated scale, air cushioned mechanism.


  • Clamp angle mechanism can easily be damaged.

Topeak PrepStand Pro

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4. Pedro’s Folding Repair Stand

Pedro’s Folding Repair StandEasy to set up and reliable. Solid construction and folds up smaller than most. The two feet of this stand have plastic rather than rubber boots, which might be a problem if you have an easily scratched floor (like floorboards). The two legs of the stand provide a stable enough base to hold bikes securely, but it is possible to knock it over so watch out when moving around. Pedro’s do not specify the maximum weight that the stand will hold.

If you are a tall mechanic, this repair stand may be the one for you. Its maximum clamp height is a massive 73” and easily adjusted with a quick release lever. Be aware that a higher clamp means more risk of tipping over but only tall and clumsy mechanics will have this problem. The clamp will hold tubes and posts of all sizes and can be rotated 360 degrees. Squeezing the trigger to hold it in place is easy. Once folded up, the stand fits into a travel bag so you can store or transport it easily. The Pedro’s repair stand is not the cheapest but its steel construction is designed to last. Serious workshop mechanics use this stand and it may be overkill for many. However, if you can afford it, then it is a great choice.


  • Tall maximum height, durable.


  • Potential to tip over.

Pedro’s Folding Repair Stand

Check Latest Price

5. Bikehand Pro Mechanic

Bikehand Pro MechanicA great repair stands for casual mechanics. The aluminum alloy keeps this stand lightweight and the two legs provide a sturdy enough base. This stand is perfect for small repairs or alterations. Anything that requires higher torque such as removing a bottom bracket will likely be too much for it. In theory, it is possible to rotate the clamp 360 degrees but the mechanism does not inspire confidence when working on a heavier bike.

The Pro Mechanic comes with a useful tray for storing tools and screws. It also folds up small for easy storage and is light enough to take with you to a race, although any serious racer will probably want to invest in something more stable and heavy duty. Unless you are a serious mechanic or have a larger budget, the Bikehand Pro Mechanic will get the job done with no fuss.


  • Tool tray.


  • Not suitable for heavy duty repairs.

Bikehand Pro Mechanic

Check Latest Price

6. Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight

Feedback Sports Pro UltralightPossibly the lightest repair stand on the market, the Pro-Ultralight is quick to assemble and perfect for taking on trips. The tripod legs have rubber boots so you can set the stand up securely on uneven surfaces. The stand is built with quality but its light weight does mean that it is not as sturdy as others and it will flex if you start doing high torque repairs. However, this stand is designed for serious racers who need to take a repair stand with them on a regular basis. For the repairs needed at races, it does its job perfectly. The clamp mechanism can be operated with one hand and can easily be rotated through 360 degrees. Folded up it measures just 37” so can be tucked away in a workshop and will not take up space in the car amongst all your racing or road trip gear. It does not come with a travel bag, but the materials will not rust no matter how much rain or dirt gets on them. The Pro Ultralight is a great long-term investment for anyone that needs a reliable and easy to use repair stand that can be folded up a transported with no fuss.


  • Light folds up small, will not rust.


  • Not suitable for heavy duty repairs.

Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight

Check Latest Price

7. Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Repair Stand

Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Repair StandA lightweight and strong stand that can be easily transported. Comparably light as the Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight, this stand from Park Tool is constructed from aluminum rather than steel like their other repair stands. The saved weight makes it easier to transport but the clamp does not fold down, so it is not as easy to pack or store.

There are two legs with plastic boots and it can hold a weight of up to 100 pounds, making it perfect for holding heavier bikes like E-bikes. The clamp allows one-handed operation, 360-degree rotation and will hold almost any tube size out there, including aero tubes. Maximum clamp height is 67”. The whole stand can be assembled or folded down quickly with quick release levers. The clamp head does not fold down but is detachable, which is not as convenient but a compromise for the weight that it can hold.

There are other lightweight stands that are easier to use and fold down smaller than the PRS-25, but this one is the right choice for working on heavier bikes and will be just as at home in your basement or workshop as it is at a race, provided you can find a level enough surface for it to sit on.


  • Light, the clamp is easy to operate, quick to assemble, sturdy.


  • Needs a level surface.

Park Tool PRS-25

Check Latest Price

8. Conquer Bench Mount

Conquer Bench MountNot everyone needs a stand that can be folded up and transported. If you are only going to make repairs in your basement, then a fixed works and is what you need. The Conquer Bench Mount is an affordable and sturdy stand that can be fixed to a bench or table (you will have to supply your own bolts to do so). Just make sure that whatever you attach it to will not only support the weight of a bike but also not tip over.

The solid steel construction of this will give you years of service and the clamp can be rotated easily. The clamp itself is operated with a quick release lever and the size of the jaws adjusted with a wingnut. Any adjustments are best done before you attempt to clamp your bike, otherwise, you may end up holding your bike with one hand and trying to adjust the wingnut with the other. If you only have one bike or one Seatpost size on your fleet, then there will be no reason to adjust it after the first use.


  • Solid and sturdy construction.


  • Clamp size cannot be adjusted with one hand.

Conquer Bench Mount

Check Latest Price

9. Park Tool PRS-4W with 100-3D Clamp

Park Tool PRS-4W with 100-3D ClampWall mounted clamp for your basement or workshop. The price may seem high for but you get real professional workshop quality with this clamp. As long as you fix it securely, you will have a sturdy and easy to use the clamp that will hold any bike. The angle of the clamp can be adjusted by flipping open the quick release lever. This isn’t a standard lever like you might see on a seat post, but a large, easy to use lever with a rounded end.

The clamp will securely hold any tube size and closes with a spinner for fast access. This design also prevents accidental over tightening that may crush or dent your bike. The solid construction ensures that this clamp will see you through many years of repairs. Professional mechanics use this clamp in their workshops, usually attached to a robust stand rather than a wall. My point is here that the clamp is one of the best out there and will do you great service in your basement.


  • Sturdy and easy to use the clamp.


  • Expensive

Park Tool PRS-4W

Check Latest Price

Things to Know Before You Choose – Best Bike Repair Stands


A heavier stand is harder to move around but is more stable when holding a heavier bike. At some point, you will want to move your stand, either when it is fully assembled or folded up.

Weight capacity

All stands should be able to hold a road bike or mountain bike easily without tipping over. If you have heavier bikes, like cargo or e-bikes then you will need a sturdier stand to support the higher weight.

Leg style

A tripod will have more stability than two feet, but it all depends on where you will place the stand. If you will be working on your bike in the basement and the basement has an uneven floor, then you may have a hard time. A stand with two feet is easier to place up against a wall if you do not have much space.

Folded size

If you have space in your basement to leave the stand up all the time then great! Not everyone has this luxury and will want to store the repair stand somewhere. You may also want to take the stand with you when you go to a race. For these reasons you should consider how big the stand is when it is folded or collapsed. A bulky stand will not be easy to store.


The clamp should hold the bike firmly on the stand. The easier it is to open and close the clamp will make using the repair stand more enjoyable. The best repair stands have clamps that can be closed with one hand and do not need any further adjustment to hold a range of bike sizes. It certainly isn’t much fun to hold a heavy bike with one hand and use the other to fight with a clamp. Care should be taken when clamping your bike as it is possible to crush seat posts or frames, especially if made out of carbon. It is recommended to always clamp a seat post, as this is less expensive to replace if it does get damaged. However, this may not be practical and you should not clamp a dropper post if you have one.

Finishing touches

A tool tray is a nice feature to have and is often sold as an extra. Check to see if a repair stand has a fitting for one. Some stands come with a travel bag to help you move it around when not in use or pack it for a trip. A good repair stand will have rubber feet to avoid scratching floors and give a better grip.

Final Verdict

For those looking for an entry level repair stand that will allow you to do most repairs, the Bikehand Pro Mechanic is your best bet. The included tool tray is a great feature. For the home mechanic, Pedro’s Folding Repair Stand will last you many years. On the occasions that you go on a biking road trip or go racing, this stand will fold up small so you can easily take it with you. For serious racers, the Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight is easy to assemble and use, and is seriously lightweight. Perfect for taking to races and will also work just as well at home for most repair jobs.

Regardless of what kind of riding you do, a bike repair stand will make working on your bike(s) much more enjoyable. I wish I had invested in a stand long before I did and my back agrees with me! Gone are the days of flipping a bike upside down and hunching over the gears to make adjustments. Now I just pull out my stand from the closet, clamp in my bike and carry out any repairs while comfortably standing.

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