4 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Dollars in 2017 – Top Brands

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500

If you are searching for a smooth, versatile bike that fits within your budget than you have come to the right place.

Here, you will find the best hybrid bikes under $500 on the market with best quality. If have over budget  as bikes under 1000$ than you can get more quality bike.

The latest in bicycling technology, the hybrid bike allows you to commute to work, hit the trails at your local metropark, or enjoy a ride around the neighborhood with your significant other. You no longer need a separate bike for riding on the road and for adventuring in the woods.

They are dependable, comfortable, and are perfect for the novice beginner as well as the seasoned rider. They are easy to transport, and, most importantly, they are affordable.

Why Are Hybrid Bikes So Popular?

  • They combine recreation and daily necessity.
  • They provide comfort and durability.
  • They fuse quality and affordability.

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 - Comparison

Things to consider-Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

What kind of riding do you plan on doing?

If you plan to do a large amount of “high adrenaline, conquer the world” mountain biking, a hybrid bike is probably not going to fulfill your dreams. A hybrid bike has fewer gears than you would need to efficiently get up those steep hills.

If you plan to only use your bike to commute to and from work during the week, a hybrid bike might end up feeling too heavy, especially if you work a long distance away from home. A hybrid bike’s frame is lighter than the typical mountain bike, yet heavier than the traditional road bike.

If you plan on using your bike to commute to work during the week and still ride the occasional trail on the weekend, a hybrid bike is recommended to satisfy both of your needs. It is comfortable enough for your daily commute and weekend recreation as well as an ideal weight to be used in both situations.

Which is more important to you, top quality or affordability?

On the one hand, you can spend anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars on a top of the line mountain or road bike, separately, depending on the specifications you want and what you plan to do with it (competition, commuting, or entertainment).

On the other hand, the hybrid bike is a viable option because they are decent quality and they give you the versatility of both bikes for the price of one. It’s a win-win situation.

What is your budget for this purchase?

If affordability is the most important aspect in purchasing a bike, select a budget and stick within it. There are plenty of hybrid bikes for any budget so there is no need to penny pinch in order to buy your dream machine.

Do you prefer comfort or practicality?

The hybrid bike allows you to sit in an upright position with straight across handlebars and takes you most places without transitional difficulty providing you with all the comfort and practicality of both a mountain bike and a road bike.

Other things to consider

You will probably want to purchase some biking accessories to accompany your new bike. This may include lights and reflectors for street visibility, cycling shoes for more efficient pedaling, or a new, up-to-date helmet.

You should also purchase a lock to protect your new investment as well; not the cheap lock that anyone can get through with a set of bolt cutters, but a heavy duty metal U-lock.

One other thing to remember is that a hybrid is a combination of two separate products. This typically means it will not perform the best as a mountain bike or a road bike, but will be sufficient to perform in either category.

After much researching manufacturer’s website, bike reviews, and blog posts, I have compiled the best qualities and features of the following five affordable hybrid bikes.

After explaining some of the specific features, I sum up the pros of each bike in my Final Verdict. Hopefully you find this review helpful in selecting a bike to meet your needs.

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 - Reviews

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike

Editor Rating:

The Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Complete Hybrid Bike from Diamondback combines efficiency with comfort.

It boasts a strong and sturdy aluminum alloy frame with sport hybrid geometry, providing a more upright position for pedaling.

It features a suspension fork and seatpost in addition to a DB deluxe saddle for maximum cushion comfort. The 700c road tyres encourage efficient travel and smooth riding. Alloy linear-pull brakes prove to be a dependable source of stopping power.

The 21-speed drivetrain allows for higher speeds on flat surfaces and smoother adventures in rough terrain. The 7-speed shifters and brake levers are easily accessible on the Steel Riser handlebar for precision handling and smooth transitions between the gears.

The Double Tunnel alloy rims offer security while riding and lasting performance so you can fully enjoy all this bike has to offer even longer.

Feature at a glance

  • Diamondback 6061-T6 Aluminum Sport Hybrid frame
  • 63mm Sport Comfort front suspension
  • 21-speed drivetrain with Comfort Steel
  • Shimano EZ-Fire 7-speed shifters
Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike

Editor Rating:

Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike of the elite series for men is perfect for cruising around town or exploring the local bike paths.

It has a lightweight yet strong 28-inch aluminum alloy frame with a suspension fork that absorbs bumpy terrain and allows for overall greater control of the bike.

The front and rear linear braking system ensures immediate stopping power at the pull of the lever. The 21-speed SRAM gripshifters delivers smooth, precise shifting capabilities. The black alloy rims provide high performance both on and off the road.

The handlebars encourage upright posture, making your commute or leisurely rides more enjoyable without the aches and pains of sitting in a hunched-over position.

Additionally, this model is completed with a Velo saddle for greater comfort, enabling more ride time without saddle soreness.

Feature at a glance

  • Women's comfort bike with aluminum city frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Schwinn alloy crank
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur
Diamondback Bicycles Women's 2015 Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

Editor Rating:

Finally, an affordable hybrid bike is designed specifically with the ladies in mind.

Although built to fit smaller bodies, the Women’s 2015 Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike from Diamondback offers the versatility of any other hybrid bike on the market.

The aluminum alloy frame with sport hybrid geology is lightweight yet durable and, together with the upright handlebars, encourages good posture while riding. The comfy double density saddle indicates a longer ride without the pain.

Double tunnel alloy rims provide smooth, long-lasting performance for as long as you are in the saddle. The seat and travel suspension fork absorbs vibrations and gives stability to the rider on the road or the trails.

Additionally, the 7-speed drivetrain shifts with ease. Whether commuting to work or going for a joyride, this bike offers reliability, comfort, and style.

Feature at a glance

  • 6061-T6 aluminum frame
  • Suspension fork and seat post for added cushioning
  • Shimano 7-speed drivetrain provides wide range of gears
  • 700C road wheels are efficient and smooth rolling
Schwinn Men’s Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle

Editor Rating:

The Men’s Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle from Schwinn has the versatility of the hybrid bike yet boasts a smooth ride for the daily commuter.

The aluminum alloy frame and both front and seat suspension serve to provide a comfortable, effortless journey to work.

GRAM grip shifters allow for easy transitions between smooth ground, gentle hills, and rough trails. Alloy rims make the bike lightweight without minimizing its power. Linear pull brakes are easily accessible on the upright handlebars and work immediately when activated.

Notably, this bike has a rear rack on which to strap objects to transport to work or around town. Fenders on both tyres also provide unique aesthetics for this bike, which promises to be ideal for city riding as well as the occasional adventure on the trails.

Feature at a glance

  • Aluminum Hybrid frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Alloy rims are lightweight and strong
  • Front quick release

Final Verdict

Be forewarned, only the XDS Men’s Cross 300 comes with a kickstand, and every bike on this list requires assembly according to a manual. That aside, each of these bikes offers the comfort of cruiser bikes, the efficiency of road bikes, and the durability of mountain bikes.

They provide effortless transitions between city riding, leisure riding, and trail riding, taking you just about anywhere you can imagine.

Though similar in quality and affordability, each of these bikes offer unique aspects that might make the decision to purchase a little easier, depending on what you are trying to find.

  • The Diamondback Edgewood seems better at gripping the road as opposed to going on trails.
  • The Schwinn Mica 2.0 is more durably versatile on both the road and the trails, and it is easy to transport on the back of a vehicle or on public transport.
  • The Diamondback Vital is designed specifically for women’s smaller, lighter frame. The dual suspension shocks provide the most comfort on rough terrain.
  • The Schwinn Community provides the most practicality for the daily commuter, offering a chic look as well as a rear rack to tie objects to transport.
  • The XDS Cross 300, though not the prettiest, is very practical and comfortable for both the city rider and the trail rider. It also comes with a kickstand at no extra cost so you do not have to prop the bike against something when you are done riding it.
  • All metal components prevent it from rusting as well, allowing it to last a long time.

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