5 Best Mountain Bike Gloves in 2019 – No More Slippery Hand

5 Best Mountain Bike Gloves in 2019 – No More Slippery Hand

Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Once you buy your mountain bike, you will need to get the right gear to go with. One of the most important pieces of gear is bike gloves, which are designed to protect your hands as you go out riding.

These gloves are especially vital to mountain bikers, who often ride on trails that have stray branches that can injure your hands as you ride. According to American Academy of Family Physicians, cycling gloves can reduce superficial hand injuries, especially in off-road bicycling, provide insulation in cold weather and provide padding to help prevent nerve compression.

Best Mountain Bike Gloves - Things to Consider

Before you buy your mountain bike gloves there are a few things to take into consideration. Quality of material, comfort, fit, and ventilation. If these four factors are present in the gloves you choose, then you have found the right choice.

The issue of gloves is somewhat contentious, as many people do not believe they are necessary to the sport. our review help you to find best mountain bike gloves in 2019.

However, I am one of the people who thinks that all mountain bike riders should buy themselves a pair. The American Academy of Family Physicians thinks the same!

You never know when you will get into an accident or collision, and having the right safety gear with you at all times will help you tremendously.

Best Mountain Bike Gloves - Comparisons

Best Mountain Bike Gloves - Reviews

The 5 mountain bike gloves that are given below are the top options currently offered on the market. I have used all of these gloves during my mountain bike rides, and I was extremely impressed by how comfortable and secure they are.

I have spent hours of times researching the popular gloves available on the market and finally chose the top 5 for your convenience. Even though I was not involved in any accidents, they have a rugged feel that makes me believe that they will stand up to impact.

1. Fox Head Men's Bomber Glove

Fox Head Men's Bomber Glove

The Fox Head Men's Bomber Glove is a pair of gloves designed with motocross, skateboarding, and mountain biking in mind.

These Bomber gloves have been crafted to protect your hands from damage as you ride, and they have been described as armor for your hands.

This full coverage gloves are constructed with an individually molded polycarbonate ballistic plate, which protects your knuckles from all impact. The ballistic plate is extremely strong, and it fits comfortably so that your hands are not fatigued at the end of your ride.

Furthermore, the Fox Head gloves have been designed with a leather main body construction, which is rugged and durable. The Pittards perforated leather is excellently ventilated, meaning that your hands will not get hot and sweaty during your ride.

This leather is what brings the glove together, and it is what covers your hands so that you do not get abrasions and lacerations. The comfortable leather gloves also have premium ergonomics. One of the most amazing features of the gloves is the double-layer clarino palm, which provides additional protection to your palms.

This way if you fall forwards and use your palms to brace your fall, your chance of injury is reduced. There is also a hook-and-loop closure for a more secure feel, and a silicone lever grip for better handling of your bike.

Lastly, a leather thumb guard keeps your thumbs protected at all times.

Highlighted Features

  • Component:45% Synthetic Leather/ 25% Nylon/ 15% Leather
  • Has Pittards perforated leather for increased durability
  • Also Has Poly Carbonate knuckle pieces for optimum fit.


  • The knuckle protection technology is a definite winner.
  • The gloves are well-ventilated which gives them the edge over others.
  • The pair of gloves use high quality materials in the making.


  • The gloves left me desiring for more as far as “Finishing” is concerned.
  • This brand doesn’t come with any pre-contouring.

2. Giro Bravo Glov es

Giro Bravo Glov es

Unlike the full coverage bike gloves that we described above, the Giro Bravo Gloves have a fingerless design.

These gloves are highly versatile, and they have been created to suit an array of riding experiences.

The well-constructed gloves undergo a Super Fit engineering process, which allows the gloves to conform to the size and shape of your hand. In this way you will benefit from a comfortable glove, which will not be too tight or too loose on you.

The high performing gloves also have AX Suede microfiber synthetic leather palms, thumbs, and fingers. This synthetic leather is highly breathable, so that your hands do not get clammy during your ride.

Additionally, the synthetic leather is abrasion resistant for durability, and water resistant for consistent performance in wet conditions.

The 4-way stretch fabric on the back of the glove also has moisture wicking properties, in order to enhance breath-ability. Giro has also outfitted the gloves with a 3-panel palm construction, which promotes bar grip and reduces bunching.

In terms of comfort, Giro has used Gel-padded palms to absorb shock from impact, so that comfort can be maintained without sacrificing dexterity. Additionally, the gloves have a soft and absorbent fabric on the thumbs, so that you can wipe the sweat from your nose and your brow.

Lastly, Giro has designed the glove with hook-and-loop closures, which guarantee a secure fit at all times. You can also use the sonic-welded pull tab to easily put on and take off the glove

Highlighted Features

  • gel palm inserts in Padding
  • It's Closure: hook-and-loop
  • Nylon Material


  • These gloves are comfortable.
  • Giro Bravo comes with Gel padding which lessens any impact or discomfort to your fingers.
  • With these you can grip the handlebars better.
  • Machine-wash friendly pair of gloves.


  • Velcro straps are a bit long for me.

3. Rev'it Dirt 2 Gloves - Black (Medium)

Rev'it Dirt 2 Gloves - Black (Medium)

Rev’it Dirt 2 is perfect for all type of bikers (whether casual or adventurous).

Made with top quality goatskin, these gloves are perfect for people who might have allergies from synthetic gloves.

If you are looking for “Outdoor Bike Riding” fun, these gloves are for you. These are lightweight. Despite using goatskin for making, these are weightless and don’t pull your hands down.

Most brands don’t give you an opportunity to use your “Touch” devices. But wearing Rev’it Dirt 2 you can operate anything from your tab, touchscreen computers, bike computers and even Smartphones. You don’t have to worry about cold weather as you don’t have to take the gloves off to operate them.

Rev’it Dirt 2 is durable. I tell you this because I noticed the TPU shells that go into the making of these gloves. The TPU shells don’t let this brand wear and tear even after you’ve used it for years. Also, the construction provides you protection from impacts or sore fingers due to long riding.


  • These gloves are durable.
  • Made from goatskin which isn’t harmful to your skin when compared to synthetic ones.
  • Available in different size options.
  • You can operate your tabs, smartphone or anything touchscreen while wearing these things.


  • Size measurements are not all that accurate.

4. Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves

Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves

When you don’t wear gloves during long bike rides, you are guaranteed to suffer from hand ache at the end of the day.

That is why Inbike has brought to us the Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves , which are meant to protect our hands from fatigue and abuse as we head outdoors ad ride.

These gloves are well constructed and affordable, meaning that there is no excuse why you shouldn’t own a pair for yourself. When you fall from your bike, your first instinct is to use your hands to break your fall. This has the potential of injuring your palms and your wrists.

That is why Inbike has distributed 5mm gel palm pads in the palm of the gloves, so that the weight bearing positions in your palm are protected.

These gel palm pads work like a buffer layers, in order to prevent fatigue and absorb shock in case of a fall. In addition, the mountain bike gloves come with a palm superfine fabric, which is durable and slip-proof.

You therefore do not have to worry about losing your grip in wet conditions. The glove also has a mesh cloth, which wicks away sweat so that your hands remain dry and cool at all times.

The glove also boasts of a thumb terry cloth which can be used to wipe sweat as you ride, and a stylish Velcro pull-tab that makes putting on and taking off the glove simple.

Highlighted Features

  • Provide super shock absorption performance.
  • fabric Material 45% nylon,40% Polyester,10% Cotton, 5% PVC
  • Blue Color
  • Very useful


  • Comfortable pair of gloves to wear while riding a bike.
  • I couldn’t find faults with the design.
  • The gloves offer you strong grip.
  • The performance these gloves offer you is impeccable.
  • Gel padding comforts your hands and takes away any pain in the joints.


  • The Velcro straps might be inconsistent after long use.

5. Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Gloves

Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Gloves

If you suffer from sore hands during long bike rides, then the Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Gloves is the answer to your problems.

These gloves boast of thick gel padding located on the palms, which have been pre-shaped to give you the most comfortable fit as you ride.

The Biogel padding is quite flexible, and it will minimize road vibration while relieving pressure on your median and ulnar nerves. What this means is that your hand fatigue will be significantly reduced at the end of the day.

The pre-curved shape of the glove also prevents pinching and bunching, for added comfort during your ride.

Additionally, the Ergo Air palms allows for increased ventilation, so that your hands stay cool and dry even in hot weather. This palm also boasts of silicone grippers, which allow for better stability and grip of your handlebar.

The grippers also make it easier to pull off your gloves from the fingertips.The Louis Garneau glove also has a microfiber thumb with moisture absorption properties, so that you can wipe away sweat from your brow and nose.

When it comes to putting on and taking off the gloves you will benefit from a low profile cuff pull tab, and hook and loop closures. These features also give the glove a secure fit without putting pressure on your wrists.

Lastly, these gloves come with 3mm reflective piping, so that you can be visible in low light conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight 1.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions 7 x 6 x 1 inches
  • It Had Lycra fabric encase your hands in sweet comfort
  • Perfect For for those who suffer with sore hands during long rides


  • These gloves are flexible and fit perfectly to your hand.
  • Good value for the price you pay.
  • You can take these gloves out for long bike rides.
  • People will find comfort in Ulnar Compressions that this brand offers.


  • No cons at this point of time.

6. Cortech Latigo 2 RR Mens Leather Gloves

Cortech Latigo 2 RR Mens Leather Gloves

You can use this thing for either your bicycle rides or motorbike rides. Whichever you prefer. One reason to keep Cortech Latigo 2 RR on my radar of Best Mountain Bike Gloves is the fact that these things saved me from an accident.

The pair keeps your hands safe under extreme situations. Not to mention, your hands won’t sweat while wearing these.

You’ll have a lot of colors to pick from. That’s why it’s possible to look classy while keeping the “Safety” part in play. People have the option to pick from multiple size options as well. This time, you’ll not miss the comfort just because your hands don’t fit in.

The “Safety” part is vital for the manufacturers. First of all, the Latigo 2 comes with “Double Layered Leather.” This helps to provide comfort to the back of the hand. You also have rubber paddings around the wrists and onto the palms. These things absorb the shock when there’s an accident.

To help you feel comfortable, The Cortech Latigo 2 RR comes with pre-curved palms. In case, your hand and fingers need some extra room, you have “Finger and Palm” expansion too. Putting it on and off is rather easy. Just slip your fingers and palm in and then fasten it with the Velcro Cuff Closure System.


  • Made with high quality leather.
  • Protects your thumbs, fingers, and palms properly.
  • Double “Grade-A” leather construction makes this pair of gloves breathable and long lasting.
  • These are comfortable to wear.
  • Velcro straps live up to the expectations.


  • Few people might find these gloves a bit loose.
  • You cannot operate devices with touchscreens while wearing these.

7. Pearl Izumi - Ride Men's Softshell Glove

Pearl Izumi - Ride Men's Softshell Glove

If you need a popular “Gloves” brand with multiple size options, I have Pearl Izumi Softshell gloves for you. Nylon and Polyurethane went into the making of these gloves.

I’ll advise you to use these gloves at winter time as the synthetic leather provides durability to the accessory.

The gloves are 1:1 fit. That means you have finger dexterity at your disposal. This comes handy when you are shifting gears and applying the brakes. Plus, you have the luxury of operating touch screens thanks with the index fingers and your thumbs.

Pearl Izumi Gloves really come into their own when you are riding in winter. The Elite Softshell element of this product protects riders’ hands from extreme cold weather or the water. It also has 100 g Primaloft One insulation traps the heat inside to keep the hands warm.

Riders also have Gel padding. This padding creates a barrier between the median nerves and the Ulnar to increase comfort. Your hands won’t feel stressed while they hold the handlebars too tightly.

The last best thing this pair of gloves has is the soft fleece around your thumb. There are light reflectors placed in specific parts. These reflectors will help people to see in low light.


  • These gloves make your long bike rides comfortable.
  • The design helps your fingers to remain stress-free.
  • Softshell and the insulator keep your hands waterproof and warm during winter.
  • Riders can interact with their smartphone and touchscreen devices wearing these.


  • These gloves are a bit bulkier than the others on my list.

8. Pearl Izumi - Ride Women's Elite Gel Gloves

Pearl Izumi - Ride Women's Elite Gel Gloves

If women mountain bike riders want something soft and protective, Pearl Izumi has got that too.

Women’s Elite Gel Gloves are made of 70% polyester but the synthetic leather makes it soft on women’s hands. Also, you have the padding to make your ride comfortable.

The gel padding over the palms makes gripping things easier. It releases stress from the pressure points and keeps the palms out of harm’s way if any accidents happen. Not to mention the padding also helps to create a bridge between the Ulnar and Median nerves to increase your comfort level further.

The material does one more crucial job. It keeps the water out of your hands. Makes sure you don’t sweat while you are riding. Also, the fabric does a good job to keep riders’ hands warm. That way, people can ride in a cold weather without worrying about their hands getting cold.


  • It matches the women and their riding styles perfectly.
  • The cushioning helps with protecting your palms and fingers.
  • It keeps your hands warm in cold weather.
  • Doesn’t wear out fast.


  • Velcro needs a bit pushing to be tighten.

9. Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves

Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves

The next one on my list of Best Mountain Bike Gloves kind of works in both ways. It is good for both mountain and general road biking.

Fox Racing Ranger MTB Gloves are double layered with “Clarino” material. It helps to counter the numbness that you might get from mountain biking for a long time.

Not only that, you have 40% Polyester, 50% Polyamide and 10% polyvinyl. This complex construction protects your hands from blisters due to holding the handlebars for a long time.

To make sure you grip the handlebars a lot better with your fingers, Fox Ranger MTB Gloves come with Silicon imbued in the fingertips. It boosts the strength and the durability of these gloves. Just so you can move your shifters better, micro-suede is put in place. This way, people won’t have the trouble of sweat accumulation.

You have a wrist pad that acts as a low-profile closure system. Fox Racing Ranger MTB too.


  • These are best for Downhill mountain biking.
  • The closure system holds up well.
  • You can grab the handlebars comfortably.
  • The stress relieving mechanism helps greatly.


  • You won’t find any paddings around your palms.

10. Louis Garneau Nimbus Glove – Men

Louis Garneau Nimbus Glove – Men

The Nimbus Gloves from Louis Garneau packs a punch when it comes to protecting your hands from blisters due to long rides.

It is made using synthetic leather. The construction makes it lightweight. You won’t feel thin while riding your bike.

Micro Mash, Spandex, and synthetic leather are used to make these gloves. Thanks to the materials, your hands won’t get sweaty while you are wearing these gloves. The mesh padding makes this pair breathable and doesn’t let the water accumulate. You will also have a microfiber nose wipe with it.

Nimbus Gloves have sufficient gel padding to ensure you are comfortable while you ride your road bike or an MTB. These paddings also save your palms and fingers from accidents while you ride.

The gloves use hook and loop closing. This way, you can tighten the gloves to your liking. These will never come off when you need them to stay on. These gloves have multiple size options so that everyone can find a suitable pair for themselves.


  • Comfortable to wear and ride with.
  • These gloves have gel padding to ensure you remain protected.
  • Synthetic leather makes them lightweight.
  • Ergo Air Ventilation makes this pair breathable.
  • You can grip things easily.


  • No negatives as of this date.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are numerous best mountain bike glove options available to you, each one of them with their own features and designs.

So if you are looking to invest in a quality pair of gloves, go with one of the five I have described above.

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