10 Best Mountain Bike Lights in 2019 – See Clearly Where You’re Going

10 Best Mountain Bike Lights in 2019 – See Clearly Where You’re Going

Best Mountain Bike Lights

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast like I am, then you know that darkness will not stop you from riding your bike.

However, being the smart people that we are, we also know that darkness can lead to us tripping over obstacles and colliding into people, bikes, and cars. So what are we supposed to do?

However, this process is not as simple as it seems, as there are many factors that you need to consider before you make your final selection. The most important factor is the brightness of your light, which determines the quality of illumination that you will benefit from.

Also look at the battery life of your light, as you do not want to buy a 1500-lumen bike light that runs at 50% capacity. Other factors that you need to take into consideration include fit, power, beam type, controls, mounting, and reliability.

Best Bike Light

How To Choose MTB Light?

Let’s face it, even if you have a thousand choices regarding which mountain bike light you want to buy. But the truth is, you still won’t be able to decide what will be the best MTB Light model for you. It is best to know about some facts before you leap into buying one. So, here are a few factors that determine whether an MTB Light is best for you or not.

See the Construction First

In this case, I would refer you to buy a head or a taillight based on the aluminum casing. The casing makes this light a lightweight accessory. Plus, it won’t put any excessive weight onto your bike. Riders will be able to control it better. Plus, Aluminum is sturdy. It can resist most impacts and is perfect for the rough terrain of the mountains.

Luminosity Count

The strength of any MTB light depends on it. The higher the luminosity count, the better your MTB light would be. You can find bulbs with brightness between 50 and 2000 or more.

Be sure that your bulb emits light in all directions. It helps your headlight or taillight to keep the path in front and around yourselves bright. It is particularly useful if you are riding downhill as you are rapidly speeding and seeing the path in front is crucial for you.

Check Out the Beam Distance

You might not pay close attention, but Beam Distance matters! And no head or taillight can fake it. First of all, “Beam Distance” is the extent to which the light reaches and shows you the way. Headlights that have greater beam distance than the others, can clearly show you what lies ahead.

Taillights use the distance to signal others behind you that there’s a bike at front. You can find bike lights with 30 feet of beam distance to hundreds of feet beyond. The greater the beam distance, the further you will see in the dark. I’d buy a product with at least 300 feet of beam distance.

The Aspect of Battery Life

If you go ahead and buy MTB Light combos or even single lights that run on batteries, this aspect demands serious consideration. Battery life is crucial when it comes to long rides and riding at night. You’d need at least 50 hours (100 the most) of battery life to embark on a long ride. For shorter ones or if you are a beginner, try the ones with 10 hours of life per recharge.

If your battery starts to die sooner than it is supposed to, try constant lighting or controlled lighting. You’ll have constant light output, but it would lower the intensity level. And, this can only be used for short periods.

What Type of Battery or Battery Pack Should You Need?

You can certainly go for AAA or AA Non-rechargeable batteries. But then you’d have to buy a new pack every week. Especially when you are out for a long ride.

I advise first of all to buy a rechargeable battery pack. This will save you incredible amount of cash in the long run. Also, you can use the same pack for months.

If you want to go even further, purchase a battery pack that can be recharged with the help of a USB or Micro USB charger. Bikers can charge these batteries with the help of power banks as well if they want to.

Is the Light (or Lights) Waterproof?

This is another important feature you need to look into. You should purchase a Waterproof light for your mountain bike or a combo of headlights and taillights. For that, don’t believe word of mouth. Rather look through IPX ratings. IPX ratings tell you how well your device is protected against water splashes, constant barrages or even water submerging.

IPX4 rated lights generally hold their own against water splashes or rain drops. Those with IPX5 ratings will tackle longer exposure to water. However, it won’t tackle submerging under water. You can buy IPX7 or IPX8 rated products. The IPX7 tackles submerging under water for 30 minutes provided the water is not more than 1 meter deep. The IPX8 rated lights can take water submerging for longer periods of time.

What Type of Control Mechanism the Lights Have?

This is another thing that I look for when buying a head or taillight for my bikes. Some lights have single button controls that would cycle through different modes. These things require greater battery life compared to those with multiple buttons.

For me, headlights and taillights with a +/- button and an On/Off switch would do perfectly. As the functions are divided, there will be no cases of button mashing or buttons malfunctioning.

One of the best Mountain Bike lights feature is remote controls. These remotes can perform a lot of tasks that normal lights with buttons won’t do. Also, you’ll find lights with a digital OLED screen. These lights tell you about the remaining battery life and the mode you are currently working with.

The mtb light is a great option for all mountain bike riders who cycle in low light conditions, and who need to see and be seen as they ride. So if you are looking for the best mountain bike lights in 2019, check out the reviews below:

Best Mountain Bike Lights - Reviews

As an avid mountain bike rider, I ride on a regular basis including at night. During my last few rides, I have taken a new bike light each time, and this post is to make a list with my suggestion on them.

The 10 lights that I will review below are the ones that performed the best:

1. Magnus Innovation USB Bike Light

Magnus Innovation USB Bike Light

The Vision II is an 860 lumen bike light, with an extraordinary 4.8 star rating. This high power light comes with a headlight and a taillight, so that you can see and be seen.

The headlight effectively illuminates your path so that you can clearly see where you are riding. This headlight also increases your visibility to drivers who are heading towards you.

On the other hand, the red taillight makes you visible to drivers who are coming up behind up you. These two lights ensure your safety, by making certain that you are visible from miles away. Additionally, the bike light is fully rechargeable, which eliminates the need for you to buy batteries.

Both the headlight and taillight come with an inbuilt Micro USB charging port technology, which allows you to recharge the batteries one the power is used up. This technology contains no wires or hefty battery packs, making it convenient.

Additionally, the technology allows you to take advantage of 25 hours of consistent brightness on a single charge. Furthermore, the bike light has a universal fitment, which allows you to use it on road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes.

It can also adjust to the thick handlebars of a mountain bike, and the small handlebars of a BMX. Lastly, this bike light is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum alloy, for strength and durability.

Its' waterproof finish also prevents it from getting damaged in wet conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight & Size: 4.2 oz, 5 x 1.25 x 1 in
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Has 45° Rotational Mount Bracket
  • Also has Power Adapter & Charging Cables


  • The aluminum casing is both durable and lightweight.
  • It comes with a 45-degree rotating mount system.
  • You get 5 different modes to play with.
  • Single Lithium ion battery can be recharged.


  • When the battery is low, your light will quickly fade.

2. NiteRider Lumina 750 Bike Light

NiteRider Lumina 750 Bike Light

The Lumina Series from NiteRider is a collection of some of the best self-contained lights found on the market.

The Lumina 750, in particular, has risen to become one of the most popular and sought after bikes from NiteRider, and it is no surprise why.

This bike light has been designed to meet the most demanding riding performance, so that you do not feel restricted by your illumination.

This bike light will provide sufficient light for all riding conditions, including roads, pavements, and mountain trails. Out of all the features of this bike, the most impressive has to be its IntelliCharge function.

This function charges the battery at twice the standard charge rate. This means that you can quickly charge your bike light and then go out for your next adventure. When the bike light is fully charged, you will benefit from 750 lumens of light which is excellent for visibility.

The run time for the bike light at 750 lumens is 1.5 hours, at 350 lumens it is 3 hours, at 200 lumens it is 5.5 hours, and at 40 lumens it is 18 hours.

As you can see, there are 4 light levels for riding in low light conditions, and there is also 1 flash level for riding in daylight conditions. This lightweight bike light also comes with a helmet mount and handlebar mount.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 172 grams
  • Total run time 1:30HR High-750, 3:00HR Med-350, 5:30HR Low-200, 18:00HR Walk-40
  • LED headlamp, internal Li-lon battery, USB charging cable, helmet mount


  • Great light to have when you are going out for evening rides.
  • It lasts for a long time.
  • This is a big light; no one can miss the product.
  • The light is bright and lightweight for convenience.
  • You can mount it on your helmet too.
  • Can be recharged with a USB cable.


  • The lumen count is low compared to other brands here.
  • The strap can be loose sometimes.

3. Cygolite Metro 500 USB Bicycle Headlight

Cygolite Metro 500 USB Bicycle Headlight

The first thing you need to know about the Cygolite Metro 500, is that it has a near perfect rating from hundreds of customers.

This bike light has been upgraded to perfectly meet your riding demands, so that you can have a great performance.

This headlight comes with a 500 lumen Cree X Lamp LED, which is composed of TIR optics for optimal visibility.

This is also complemented by side illumination ports, which add visibility output. With this headlight, there is no road that will be obscure to you.

Like the Vision II that we described above, the Cygolite Metro 500 comes with a USB port for recharging. In this way you do not have to spend money buying new batteries every few riders.

When it comes to performance, you will benefit from 6 light modes. These include High, Medium, Low, Steady Pulse, Day-Lightning, and Walking. The Steady Pulse mode involves the headlight pulsing, so that motorists can be alerted to your presence at night.

On the other hand the Day-Lightning mode flashes like lightning, to alert motorists to your presence during the day.The day and night modes ensure that you can be safe at all times of the day.

 When it comes to the construction of the unit, Cygolite uses a compact unit with water resistant properties.This means that the unit is non obtrusive and durable. There is also Lock-tite handlebar mount that comes with the bike light.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 watt 2nd generation Cree X Lamp LED with new custom TIR optics for cycling
  • 6 types of light modes: Medium > High > Low > Steady Pulse > DayLightning > Walking
  • Lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge


  • You get what you pay for.
  • Perfect for the money.
  • People will be able to spot the light even when direct sunlight is present due to the brightness.
  • With the SOS mode, the range for the light extends up to 250 meters.
  • Extremely lightweight product.


  • The mount isn’t all that great.

4. Stark Bike Light LED Set - Best & Brightest

Stark Bike Light LED Set - Best & Brightest

If you are looking for a superior quality bike light to illuminate your path, then the popular Stark Bike Light LED set is the way to go.

This sleek and bright LED bicycle light has a completely adjustable front beam, which emits 120 lumens of light.

This powerful light offers 3 light modes, including high, medium, and flashing.

You can alternate between these modes through the single push of the rear button, which is extremely convenient.

Additionally, when you are not using this as a bike light, it can work as an exceptional flashlight.And if you are worried about the installation process, don’t be. This bike is quick and easy to install, and it requires no tools.

You can actually mount these lights in less than a minute. The light produced by this provides excellent visibility on the darkest nights, so that you can reach your destination safely.

The reliable lights also come with a complementary maintenance guide, for your benefit.In terms of construction, the Stark bike light has a rugged aircraft grade aluminum case, which is waterproof.

The light can therefore withstand terrible weather conditions and the roughest terrain.

Highlighted Features

  • It is Extremely bright LED light
  • AlsoWaterproof
  • 3 types of Light settings - BRIGHT, FLASH FAST, FLASH SLOW


  • Up to 350 Lumen capacityIt comes with an easy mounting system.
  • The aluminum casing is lightweight and durable.
  • It comes with 100% replacement guaranty if a problem occurs.
  • This thing is waterproof.
  • It takes up less space on your bike or helmet.


  • Luminosity is a bit low for me.
  • Sometimes, you might find the battery dying quickly than normal.
  • If you don’t mount the light carefully, it might switch off while you ride on bumpy terrain.

5. Bright Eyes Rechargeable POWERFUL 1200

Bright Eyes Rechargeable POWERFUL 1200

Out of all the bike lights reviewed in this post, Bright Eyes bike light is the most powerful.

This bike light offers 1200 Lumen Cree LED Technology, which will light your path in spectacular fashion.

On the high mode (1200 lumens) this light will last for 2.5 hours, on medium mode (800 lumens) it will last for 5 hours, and on low mode (350 lumens) it will last for 20 hours.

You also have the option of going with a BRIGHT strobe mode for daytime riding, as well as the S.O.S pattern mode. When the bike light is at its highest setting, you will get 500Ft of brightness and 3000Ft of visibility.

As you can see, the high quality LED provides you with bright and long lasting light for a great ride. Additionally, the light does not dim as your power drains, which means that you will benefit from a consistent output. The bike also comes with an external rechargeable battery, with waterproof properties.

Additionally, the bike light can be easily mounted to the handlebars, and it will work well for biking, hiking, camping, and running (it comes with helmet accessories).

Highlighted Features

  • High Quality LED Headlamp ,Long lasting
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Has 4 Heavy-duty O-rings for easy headlight mounting


  • Lightweight mountain bike light for riders.
  • The battery recharges quickly.
  • Delivers a bright light.
  • It is very easy to mount.


  • The battery overcharges sometimes. It may lead to shorter lifespan for the battery.

6. Bike Light - Comes With FREE TAIL LIGHT

Bike Light - Comes With FREE TAIL LIGHT

Simply buying a mountain or a road bike isn’t enough. You need to buy a light that helps you see in the dark or in dim weather conditions.

That is why Bike Light from Devine LED helps. Manufacturers have used Devine LED technology in the making. This helps these lights to be brighter.

You can attach it with a mount on your bike. This thing doesn’t require any tool at all. Just place it, twist it on to the mount and you are done. Just like that!

The materials that are used in the making are military-grade tough. So, you won’t be able to put a scratch on these lights. The main thing is, these are accident-proof as well. The headlight won’t break even if you put considerable force behind it.

Just to make sure the makers deliver quality products, each product is checked by hand to ensure you get only the best ones in line. Plus, you will be able to operate this model using three AAA lights.


  • Sturdy materials make up the light.
  • This thing is waterproof.
  • Movies up, down, back and forth.
  • It is cheaply available and runs on easily available AAA batteries.


  • Some people might not take it as a bright light.

7. Blitzu Gator 320 USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Blitzu Gator 320 USB Rechargeable Bike Light

That’s right! This one on my list of Best Mountain Bike Lights is a set of head and taillight. The manufacturers are giving away those taillights as a combo pack for a limited time.

Many of the riders pay close attention to how the light is built. Well, this product comes with military-grade anodization.

The process makes Blitzu Gator 320 impact resistant. It can take hard falls and awkward thrashings too.This set is a handy one to keep around. You can use the headlight as an independent flash light too if you want. Thanks to this, you can use it when you are jogging or walking your dog around.

I also used Blitzo Gotor Headlight when I went hiking last year. I can tell you, it is more than capable of functioning on its own. Hell, you can use this powerful light when you are changing the tire of your car too.

It fits into the mounts and brackets without any help from the tools. You can position it in whichever way you like. Also, this little thing (the headlight) swivels up to 360 degrees to help you see your surroundings better. When removing, you won’t have to worry about tools either.

This combo head and backlight set is waterproof as well. You have the IPX5 standard tested machine. Yes, this means the lights stay protected from splashes of water. From any angle you can think of.

Gator 320 Headlight and Taillight combo has a USB port for charging. This allows you to save your money on the batteries. You won’t have to buy a set every other week.


  • These are affordable batteries.
  • The headlight can swivel up to 360 degrees.
  • These can be recharged through an USB port.
  • No batteries required.
  • Waterproof lights.
  • The design makes it study and impact resistant.


  • No negatives found thus far.

8. Light Motion Taz 1200 Bike Light

Light & Motion Taz 1200 Bike Light

This next entry on my list of best mountain bike lights is “Light & Motion Taz 1200 Bike Light.” The catchy part of this headlight deal is that this one gives you an incredible power of 1200 lumens.

Not to mention it is FL-1 certified as well. Have a look at the features and you’ll not regret paying more than hundred bucks for this product!

The thing that impressed me with this headlight is that you can adjust luminosity of this thing according to the natural light or no light of the environment you are in. You have six different modes to play with.

First one is intense that gives you 1.5 hours of light at 1200 lumens. Then you have the medium setting which settles at 3 hours of light at 600 lumens. The low setting provides 6 hours of backup with 300 lumens of light. Wait, there’s more!

If you want to go by properties, go with pulse mode which provides 9 hours of light with 300 lumens. Then you have “Race at High Power” mode that gives you 1000 lumens of light for two hours. Of course, there is race (low) too. This time, you’ll have 4 hours of light available with 450 lumens worth of power.

You have side lights available too for better visibility. These are controlled by buttons. Yes, it is waterproof. But only up to 1 meter of depth. That is fair enough for me!

Mountain bikers have a micro usb port for fast charging. When your battery is near empty, you can see the status through charge indicator LED.


  • Comes with a fancy design.
  • You get to play with six different modes.
  • Has a cool mount strip with it.
  • I could recharge the batteries within four hours.
  • This product complies with the FL-1 standard.


  • The “Light Throw” distance isn’t revolutionary according to some people.

9. Magicshine MJ 902 Bike Light Set

Magicshine MJ 902, Bike Light Set

At this point, let me refer another product (far better than the previous one) for you.

MagicShine MU 902 has a much better output when it comes to Lumens. The head and taillight combo offers 2000 lumens at a maximum level.

But there’s one downer. Although it has superior lumen count, MagicShine doesn’t have as many as six modes.

It has only four. This headlight and taillight combo works with 100% light, 50%, 30%, and “Flashing Light” mode. All the modes have their own uses.

You have a way to control these lumen frequencies. There’s a front light control. This control switch cycles through all the modes (even the “Off” section) before settling on one. Before anyone asks, the combo features a rear light control switch as well. The rear light itself has 20 lumens worth of power.

You’d need 4 Li-ion batteries to run these lights. At full power, the 7.4v batteries provide 3 hours and 10 minutes worth runtime. The lights don’t display different colors corresponding to different levels of power. However, an “Orange” LED flashes once the battery is at less than 30% power.

The best thing about this combo mountain bike light package is that you have nice mount system. You can mount the headlight on the handlebars using a strap that secures it tightly. Want to mount it on the frame? You can! Just put the non-slippery silicon pad beneath the headlight and secure the nylon straps in their places. People even have a round plug to attach it to something else!

Just to put the icing on the cake, the headlight also comes with a cooler that keeps it safe from overheating. At 30% power it runs for 12 hours! Believe me, you’ll need it.


  • The combo pack has great mounting system.
  • This has a simplified controlling system as well.
  • Different lighting options available for different environments.
  • The combo pack charges quickly.
  • The package comes with an “Overheat” protector for the headlight.
  • Batteries provide more than enough runtime.


  • Price might be a bit high but the package is worth every penny.

10. Fenix BC30R Rechargeable Bike Light

Fenix BC30R Rechargeable Bike Light

I’ve saved the best for last. This product on my “Best Mountain Bike Lights” list is only a headlight. It is a bit pricy but BOY it works well and is packed with features!

Fenix BC30R is compact when it comes to design. It goes well with most mountain bikes or even road bikes.

You have features like recharging option for batteries and a convenient OLED display to play with. This display shows you how much battery you have left and the power level (in terms of lumens) you are playing with.

As you might have guessed, it has different levels of luminosity too. With the maximum 1600 lumens you are good for an hour or an hour and a half. The 800 lumens split gives you a shot for 2.5 hours on the dark trails. Of course you can go for 500 lumens that provides 4.5 hours of healthy boost of light.

People can switch the modes back and forth with the +/- buttons on board. Plus, it has an On/Off switch as well. You need to press the on/off switch for 0.8 seconds for it to take effect. Just to let you know, this thing has a remote that can control the light.

This thing comes with a handsome mount system. Just put the clip around your handlebar or frame and tighten it. The metal casing protects Fenix BC30R from scratches or damages. It has heat dissipation mechanism all over the casing to prevent over-heating as well.


  • The light comes in a metal casing that looks cool.
  • If accidents happen, the casing will keep it safe.
  • Comes with power and battery level display.
  • Has an impressive power of 1600 lumens.
  • Batteries are rechargeable.
  • Controls are simple enough and it comes with a remote as well.


  • If anything, it is a bit pricy.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best mountain bike light that will provide visibility as you ride during the day and night, then any of the options provided above will suit your needs perfectly.

These bike lights are well built and well performing, and as a result they are also the most popular options available. Remember, your safety comes first, so get yourself a bike light today!

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