3 Best Mountain Bike Wheels in 2020 - No More Flat Tire

3 Best Mountain Bike Wheels in 2020 – No More Flat Tire

If you enjoy mountain biking, then you know the secret to any good ride is a quality bike. However, most of the time you will find that some components of the mountain bike are of high quality, while others need upgrading. Wheels in particular are mountain bike components that need to be well crafted; otherwise your ride will be hell.

Why the quality of mountain bike wheels matter?

Firstly, quality mountain bike wheels will give you stability as you roll over uneven terrain. Additionally, a good pair of wheels will make your ride smooth, so that you do not complain about being uncomfortable at the end of your ride.

As you can see, a good set of wheels is the difference between a good time, and an awful time on the trails.

The first thing you need to look out for when buying a set of wheels is the size. There are 3 main wheel sizes, including 26-inches, 27.5-inches, and 29-inches. The first set of wheels is nimble and easy to maneuver, while the last set of wheels overcomes obstacles easily.

As you can imagine, the middle set of wheels is the best of both worlds. You therefore need to determine which type of terrain you will be riding over before you purchase your wheels.

You should also take into consideration your riding style (downhill bombing or cross country), the brand (Shimano, Weinmann, WTB), and the material (aluminum or carbon fiber).

A quality set of mountain bike wheels should be a priority for every rider, and below we will review this further.

Best Mountain Bike Wheels- Comparisons


Product Name

Brakes Type

Primary Material


Mavic Crossride Wheelset

Rim Brakes

Reinforced Steel

Vuelta Zerolite MTB PRO 26 Wheelset

Disc or Rim Brakes


Vuelta XRP Pro 26 inch Wheels

Disc Brakes


Best Mountain Bike Wheels in 2019 - Reviews

Last week I headed out for the long weekend, and took my bikes with me. I put a couple of wheels to the test, and then narrowed down my selection to the 3 wheels that you see below.

1. Mavic Crossride Wheelset

Mavic Crossride Wheelset

Mavic Crossride wheels do not come cheap, but they definitely offer exceptional value for money. The Crossride wheelset is a set of 29er wheels, which are dedicated to make your aggressive riding comfortable and smooth.

These wheels are not like other inferior quality mountain bike wheels, as Mavic Crossride Wheelset has designed them to stand up to any terrain they encounter.

The beautifully crafted wheels are lightweight, and they have a responsive rim design which allows them to adapt to a variety of surfaces. In fact, the rims of these wheels will remain tough and strong, even after they have taken the abuse of rocky terrain. These wheels are definitely a dream come true.

Additionally, these reliable wheels have been engineered to be rigid and comfortable, so that you can accelerate and turn corners with ease. Mavic achieves this through H2 engineering, which involves Hammer Hardening Local strengthening of the rim.

One of the most amazing features of the Mavic is its Self-Lock system. This system is composed of a special shaped spoke end, which makes it nearly impossible for the thread to loosen. The lack of tension loss means that the wheels will retain their round shape for a long time, reducing the need for maintenance and eliminating the need for you to buy a new pair of wheels after just a short time.

What you have in the end is a wheelset that is strong enough to withstand brutal rides, and responsive enough to take on technical ascents and descents. However, Mavic’s innovation does not stop here.

The Crossride wheelset is also made up of premium hubs, which include QR cartridge bearings with a protective double seal. This increases the durability and efficiency of the wheels, making your ride more enjoyable.

And if you don’t want to order the 29-inch option, then you have the choice of going with the 26-inch or 27.5-inch wheels. All in all, the Mavic Crossride gives you all the reliability, durability, and responsiveness that you need for a fun mountain bike ride.

What more can you ask for?

Highlighted Features

  • Crossride's 24/24 straight-pull rims retain a constant
  • Very Light and Stiff
  • Has Great Upgrade option

2. Vuelta Zerolite MTB PRO 26" Wheelset

Vuelta Zerolite MTB PRO 26 Wheelset

The Vuelta Zerolite MTB PRO Mountain Bike Wheels Vuelta Zerolite MTB Pro Wheelset is a pair of highly rated and incredibly priced wheels.

These wheels are a fraction of the cost of the Mavic wheels described above; however, they offer incredible performance that rivals the Crossride.

Vuelta has designed the Zerolite for mountain bike riders who want to conquer the pavement and trail alike. These versatile wheels will do well on a variety of terrain, ensuring that you are not restricted in which surfaces you can ride over.

The rim mountain brakes are 26-inch in size, which is the smallest wheel size that you can find. This wheel size makes the Vuelta Zerolite very nimble and simple to control.

As a rider, you will find it very easy to maneuver the Vuelta Zerolite in tight spaces, as there is less mass and surface to control. The wheels also have a 26mm medium V-rim with CNC-machined sidewalls, which allow for improved stopping power on all surfaces.

These wheels can also be used with disc brakes, if you want optimum stopping power.When you also factor in the 24 spokes (front and rear) and the 3-cross lacing, you have a pair of wheels that is extremely strong.

The design of the wheels also allows for a smooth ride, so that you are not fatigued when you come off a particularly rough trail. Still on the design of the wheels, the Vuelta Zerolite is lightweight, so that you do not have to struggle to maintain control of the bike.

These wheels also reduce the overall weight of the bike, so that you have no trouble with moving your bike from one point to another.

The Vuelta Zerolite rims have also been drilled for Presta valves, allowing you to use the wheels with top quality tires. When it comes to the aesthetics the Zerolite wheels are offered in white and black, making them attractive to look at.

These affordable and well-built wheels will take your ride to a whole new level, so that all your mountain biking experiences are memorable.

Highlighted Features

  • It Has 26in Double Walled Clinher Rim with Rim Strips installed
  • Also has 24h Stainless Black Bladed Spokes Front and Rear
  • Skewers Included

3. Vuelta XRP 26 inch Mountain Bike Wheels

Vuelta XRP 26 inch Mountain Bike Wheels

With so many Vuelta XRP Pro 26 inch Mountain Bike Wheels on the market, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed.

I always choose the brand first; thereafter I narrow done the choices depending on whatever bike I am riding. One of my personal favorite brands is Vuelta, which has managed to maintain quality throughout the years.

Of all their wheels, the Vuelta XRP Pro is perhaps my favorite. These wheels have been built for the outdoor enthusiast who loves to take part in cross country and trail riding alike.

Vuelta has built the XRP Pro 26-inch wheels to be light and strong, so that you can attain the best performance possible. The lightweight of the wheels makes it easy to maneuver, while the strength makes your ride more comfortable.

Furthermore, the combination of light and strong makes the wheels more versatile, so that you can use them in a range of situations. The nimble 26-inch alloy wheels also come with sealed cartridge bearing hubs, which are super smooth, super-fast, and highly precise.

In fact, this is the same construction you will see in top level wheel sets. The perfectly crafted wheels also come with bladed Aero spokes, which increase the durability and performance of the wheels.

As if that was not amazing enough, Vuelta has designed the wheels to work with disc brakes and rim brakes. In this way you have control of your stopping power, on all terrain.

Additionally, the Vuelta XRP Pro 26-inch wheels falls in the middle of the Mavic Crossride and the Vuelta Zerolite when it comes to price. This affordable pair of wheels is highly versatile, and it can take on an array of surfaces with incredible ease.

Vuelta has taken the time constructing these wheels, so that every rider can have the time of their life. So if you are looking to take your riding to a whole new level, then the Vuelta XRP Pro 26-inch is definitely a choice that you should look at in greater detail.

Highlighted Features

  • It's Works with Disc Brakes Only
  • High Quality Wheels with a Great Warranty
  • Smooth Sealed Cartridge Bearing Hubs
  • Bladed Aero Spokes

Final Verdict

As you can see, the wheels reviewed above differ in price, construction, and features. Each of these wheels is suitable for mountain bike riders of all skill levels, and they have been designed to make your ride more controlled and more enjoyable.

So if you are a mountain bike enthusiast who is looking for stability, smooth riding, and control in your outdoor adventures, then I would suggest one of the three bikes above. These bikes have been expertly crafted to take your performance to whole new level, and they will not let you down.

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