5 Best Road Bike Helmet Reviews in 2020 - Comparison

5 Best Road Bike Helmet Reviews in 2020 – Comparison

Cycling for fun can be so interesting and so fruitful in the case of sports or exercise. However, without proper safety measures, you can be as well putting your life at risk.

Statistics have it that most fatal cycling accidents are a result of improper safety measures by the riders. Not wearing bike helmets or using low standard helmets can cost you your life. Therefore, there are a lot of things you need to know before purchasing your road bike helmet.

Be it for your training, exercise, club rides or sports, you deserve a helmet that offers full protection and fits you comfortably.

Best Road Bike Helmets - Comparisons

Best Road Bike Helmets -Things To Consider

When picking the best road bike helmet, you have to prioritize on the weight and ventilation. In other words, a perfect road bike helmet should be lightweight and reduce cases of excessive sweating in the head area.

Therefore, before buying a safety helmet for your road bike, you need to evaluate several factors, which include:


Literally, this is where you should put your money where your mouth is. Always go for the product that has a price relevant to your budget limit. Luckily most dependable and efficient road bike helmets are available for pocket friendly prices. You can check our list for latest price ranges.

Comfort and Fit

As I mentioned earlier, road bike be helmets should lightweight and comfortable on your head to yield better performance of the rider. When shopping for a new helmet set, you have to consider ones made from lightweight materials like poly carbonates and much more. Helmets with straps are also more comfortable to fit.

Strength and Level of Safety

Again, the helmet should be able to protect you from impacts in case of accidents or any other misfortunes. That is why you have to consider their safety levels and ability to resist impacts before purchasing one.

How I Selected Best Road Bike Helmets

In order to come up with the list below of the Best Road Bike Helmets in 2019, I had to research on up to 35 different products, focusing on price range, user-friendliness and protectiveness.

Following the current market flooding with both legit and low standard road bike products, we had to determine the quality of the helmets and not only rely on the popular brand names.

These road bike helmets reviewed below are among the best products that passed our thorough impact tests, durability and all-weather tests as well fit and customization. I am now confident to assure you that the top 5 road bike helmets below are worth investing on, and any user should feel safe with them on any road.

5 Best Road Bikes Helmets - Reviews

1. Gonex Wind Cross Road Bike Helmet

Gonex Wind Cross Road Bike Helmet

Ensure your safety while riding with Gonex’s Helmet. Coming in two impressive colors, you will be safe and stylish as you ride.

As far as helmets go, this one is aesthetically pleasing and has some great features.

The holes provide air flow and the thick cushions will protect you. At four and a half stars, it seems to be a positive purchase. It is also adjustable. This helmet seems to be a good addition to your bike rides, providing you with fashionable comfort. At under $40 bucks it seems to be an overall good purchase.

Many users have said that the size is geared more for people with smaller even with its adjustable attribute. People have also complained about the straps being less than stellar, meaning the design is confusing and flawed.

Highlighted Features

  • Streamlined design
  • Anti-windage
  • Soft, washable pads with comfortable lining
  • 28-hole breathable big holes comfortable lining
  • Adjustable head circumference

2. Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet is among the top helmets that are well-designed and very comfortable on your head.

This is a perfect road helmet for riders who love a swift pace and cover relatively long distances. This is a slim and lightweight road helmet that is comfortable and convenient; you won’t even release you have it.

A good number of customers have bought this lightweight road helmet, and they are happy with their purchase. Find out what the customers have to say about this product on where more product details and customer reviews are provided.

You can easily adjust the fit and stability system to your preference with the adjustable Roc Loc 5. With its unique design and comfortable fit, this qualifies this road helmet a great tool for any rider.

It is relatively affordable and provides you with a long-lasting use. Try this helmet today, and you will be satisfied for the purchase.

Highlighted Features

  • In-mold EPS Impact Foam
  • 25 vents
  • Roc Loc 5 Fit Adjustment
  • Best Use for Cycling

3. Giro Trinity Helmet

Giro Trinity Helmet

At a lower price than its competitor, Giro Trinity Helmet screams style. Coming in several color options, it is a perfect companion for your mountain bike.

Aside from the cool colors, the helmet will keep your head cool and protected with 22 vents. The reflective accents will further protect you in low light circumstances.

The polycarbonate material on the outside of the helmet is polycarbonate to make an impressively tough helmet. Furthermore, the price is just right.

The disadvantages of this product are that they are built for smaller craniums and the straps are poorly made. Overall, however, it seems to be a pretty popular item for a cheap price.

Highlighted Features

  • Polycarbonate material
  • EPS Foam
  • 22 vents
  • Acu Dial
  • Reflective accents

4. Giro Revel Helmet

Giro Revel Helmet

If you are thinking of buying a road bike, there are other extra costs that you will need to incur to ensure you have the best moment.

A road bike helmet like the Giro Revel Helmet provides you with the desired comfort when you are on a ride. This helmet looks awesome and can be used nearly by all riders.

You will find this helmet very effective, especially on hot days or when you are riding swiftly. This ensures that your head is kept cool even in the hottest ride.

The Revel road helmet is made of an in-mold poly carbonate shell material that is lightweight. The presence of 22 vents provides superior ventilation that allows more air to flow keeping your head cool while you are on the ride.

The Acu Dial fit adjustment provides the desired comfort for any ride, it doesn’t matter whether you are a twist climber or downtown street rider.

The Giro Revel road bike helmet is available for purchase online and the delivery is really fast. Order one today and make riding a comfortable and joyful experience. You will always feel safe when you have this helmet.

Highlighted Features

  • In-mold Polycarbonate Shell Material
  • EPS Impact Foam
  • 22 vents for air flow
  • Differnet sizes are available
  • Acu Dial Fit Adjustment

5. Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet

Riding your road ride on scorching sun can be a boring activity, especially when you do not have a helmet. Your head might end up boiling as a result of the hot sun.

You do not have to experience that when you can buy such an affordable road bike helmet like the Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet.

This is an adult helmet that comes in grey and black color at a pocket friendly price. With its 21 integrated flow vents, you can achieve a cooler ride because more air can flow inside the helmet to provide a cool riding environment.

The adult bike helmet features a Dual Fit adjustable design making it convenient for any person. You can easily adjust the webbing to achieve a comfortable fit.

The inside of the helmet is made of moisture-wicking pads that are designed to keep your head dry. The pads are effective in absorbing sweat when you ride on a very hot weather. This keeps your head dry for the best riding experience.

This amazing helmet has a visor that provides the necessary shading when riding. You can purchase this affordable road bike helmet, and get the opportunity to ride in any weather condition.

Highlighted Features

  • Moisture-wicking pads for rider's head
  • Dual Fit adjustable design
  • 21 integrated flow vents
  • Easy-to-adjust webbing for a comfortable fit
  • Built-in visor

Final Verdict

Choosing any product from the stores has become more difficult in this century. To explain this situation, I would say, with the rise in competition, more products are being manufactured, which results in varying quality.

That does not mean finding the best road bike helmet with great qualities is a problem. By following our buying guide and review, you will be able to hand pick the most reliable, durable, comfortable and safe road bike helmets in the market today.

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