5 Best Road Bikes for Women in 2017 – Complete Buying Guide!

Road bikes are comparable to other bikes, but they have a bit more versatility.  Women’s road bikes are going to be different than your typical road bike.  There are different factors you will need to consider if you’re going to get a road bike for a woman. 5 Best Road Bikes for Women Though you may have considered every possible factor when looking for a road bike for women, there may be something you may not have thought of.  This review will look at different road bikes, and how you can choose the right one for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Road Bikes for Women


You should consider how you’re going to use the bike before choosing one for you.  Different styles provide more options when you’re riding.  If you’re planning on using the bike for commuting, you should make it is fit for riding every day.  Riding it with your friends won’t require too many extra features. Riding on trails can be hard, especially if your bike isn’t outfitted to handle the terrain.  Knowing how you’re going to ride your bike will help you decide which is the right one for you.  The last thing you want to do, is get stuck with a bike that isn’t practical.

Frame Materials

Once you know how you’re going to ride, you will need to find a bike that has a frame that suits your riding style.  Aluminum is the most common form of frame material, and it is durable, and lightweight.  Steel is strong, but it is going to weigh a lot more than an aluminum bike. Carbon fiber is going to be strong, provide flexibility while you’re riding, and it is lightweight.  Carbon fiber is also going to be the most expensive frame materials, so if you’re planning on spending a lot of money on your bike, it won’t be right for you.


The seat of the bike should be comfortable and practical.  Most seats that come with the bike is most likely to be made from a tough material.  You can easily change out the seat if you find that it is not comfortable.  Not only should the seat be comfortable, but you shouldn’t feel any pain while you’re riding. An ergonomic seat would be ideal because it prevents your back from tightening up while you’re riding.  Having enough padding on the seat should make it better for you, but it should also help make your ride smoother so you don’t feel the bumps.


There are two different braking systems for the bikes you will need to consider.  Most bikes have levers on the handles so you can stop quickly.  Other road bikes may have a braking system that you stop using the pedals.  Not only should you consider the braking system on the bike, you should consider the type of brakes you want on your bike. Padded brakes are easy to see when it’s time to change them out, and are easy to replace.  Disc brakes are going to have a better response time, and last longer, but they can be difficult to change out.  You will need to consider the amount of time it takes to change the brakes. Here is a nice read on road bike brakes type.


The wheels of the bike will make or break your ride.  The wheels should not be too big, nor too short.  Most bikes now come with wheels that are double walled, which makes them more durable than traditional wheels.  Depending on how you’re going to use the bike, you should make sure the tires will handle the terrain. Racing tires are going to be thin and made for pavements.  Thicker tires with a lot of tread will be better for riding on trails.  You should consider where you’re going to ride to find the right bike.


The gears are going to be an important factor, especially if you live in a place with a lot of hills.  Every bike has at least one speed, but that won’t help you when you’re trying to ride up a steep hill.  You can find a Shimano gear shifter on most bikes, and they are some of the best in the world. They have bikes with different speeds to help you get over the bigger hills in your area.  If you’re planning on getting a bike with a gear shifter, you should look for one that has at least 21 speeds to ride in different terrain.


Getting a bike that is aerodynamic is the number one priority.  If you’re planning on racing, having a bike you can crouch down won’t help you take precious seconds off your clock. Likewise, a fast bike will be a terrible idea if you’re going to ride down a mountain.  You should consider where your body is going to come into contact with the bike to understand how your body will affect the aerodynamics.  You don’t want to exert more energy because your bike isn’t aerodynamic.

5 Best Road Bikes for Women in 2017 – Reviews

1. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Complete Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Complete Disc Brake Women's Road BikeA road bike for women should provide an easy bike to maneuver.  This specific bike is built for speed, which is good for those looking to race competitively. The bike is capable of helping you reach your best time, and decrease the wind forces you’re exposed to while you’re riding.


The bike has an alloy frame that is stiff, light, and fun to ride.  This combination makes the bike easy to hook up to your car rack, and take it out for a few laps. The design also makes you lean in close to the bike to cut down on wind resistance.

Alloy Fork

The alloy fork provides superior handling and stability when you’re riding.  You can cut corners sharper, and have more control over the bike.  When you want it to respond, it will work like clockwork.

Shimano Shifters

Shimano shifters are well-known amongst the best bike riders, and when you’re racing you need good shifters.  The construction is better than regular shifters, and they’re more reliable.  For those that need a bike they can rely on, this is one of the best.

Extra Gears

Not only are the gears some of the best, but the bike includes an extended range cassette that provides extra gearing.  Getting up a steep hill can be difficult, even with 21 gears, so having the extra gears will help.

Disc Brakes

The mechanical disc brakes provide ultimate stopping power, even when you’re going fast.  They respond quickly to your touch, allowing you to stop on a dime.  They’re great brakes that are made for great riders.


  • Good for the money
  • It is comfortable to ride
  • The aluminum frame is light


  • The bike needs to be assembled

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile
  • Alloy fork
  • Shimano shifters
  • Extended range cassette
  • Mechanical disc brakes


For those looking for a great bike that is comfortable, easy to use, and want to save some money, this is an excellent option.  Diamondback is known for their quality for their bikes, and it shows with this bike.  Though the assembly does require some professional assistance, it shouldn’t take away from the fact that the bike will work for any type of rider.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Complete Disc Brake Women's Road Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Airen Road Bike

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2. Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Road Bicycle

Gama Bikes Women's Shimano Hybrid Commuter Road BicycleLeisurely riders will appreciate the work of this bike.  The traditional bike frame is designed to be ridden any time, and it is easy to carry. For those looking for a bike they can take out on a nice day, you would be hard pressed to find one at this price.  It is the perfect bike for those looking to enjoy a smooth bike ride on an afternoon.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

The bike consists of an aluminum alloy frame that makes it easy to carry and ride.  The bike is easy to maneuver, and responds to your steering quite easily.  You can carry the bike up a flight of stairs without struggling to pull it up.  For those living in an apartment, this is an excellent choice.

8 Speeds

The bike consists of a Shimano Altus 8 speed shifter, making it the perfect bike for those looking for a cruising bike.  It has a standard six speed gear shifter, but includes the extra two gears for when you need it.  Women that want an easy bike to ride will enjoy taking this out for a quick ride.

Great Wheels

The wheels on the bike provide a smoother and faster ride, since they are larger than standard wheels.  The wheels carry momentum easier, and will go over any rough terrain easily.  The wheels are 700c, which is better than the standard most bikes come with, allowing you to get more out of the bike while you’re riding.

Vinyl Cover

The vinyl cover allows you to cover up the bike when the weather starts to turn wet and cold.  The stainless steel rivets provide a solid seal to keep the moisture from reaching your bike.  For those living in the city, it can be difficult when the weather will change.

Contour Design

The bike has a contour design that supports an athletic riding position.  The light padding is good for those living in the city.  Since you are sitting upright on the bike, you’ll be comfortable riding.


  • It is good quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Shifters are good for city riding


  • Assembly is confusing

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • 8 speeds
  • Quality wheels
  • Vinyl cover
  • Contour design


Unless you’re planning on racing, this is a great bike for taking out on a leisure ride.  The vinyl cover prevents moisture from getting to the bike, which is good to prevent rusting.  It is lightweight, making it practical for carrying it up and down apartment stairs. Unless you want to assemble it yourself, you can take it to a bike shop.  Overall, it is a good bike for a good price.

Gama Bikes Women's Shimano Hybrid Commuter Road Bicycle

Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Road Bicycle

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3. Giordano Libero 1.6 White/Pink Women’s Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 White Pink Womens Road BikeBiking can be a great exercise, and this is the perfect bike for those looking to get into shape.  It has the form of a racing bike, but it has a more relaxed feel to it. This is ideal for those that want a bike that falls somewhere between exercise machine and a leisure ride.


The aluminum frame is good for those that need a bike that will last, but isn’t too heavy to carry.  The bike frame is hand crafted, meaning you’re going to have better attention to the frame where you will need it the most.

Alloy Stern

The alloy stern provides the best control over the bike, making it responsive to your movements.  When you need to turn sharply, or navigate your way through traffic, the bike will respond better than other types of forks.

16 Speeds

The 16 speed Shimano shifter allows you to get up and over the hills you encounter on your rides.  When you need to pick up the pace to hit your target times, you can adjust the speeds accordingly.  The various speeds provide a more versatile ride.

Water Bottle Mounts

If you’re planning on losing weight by bike riding, you need to stay hydrated.  The bike includes dual water bottle mounts so you can go on long bike rides.  You can ride until you’re blue in the face, but have the extra water to keep you cool and hydrated.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • The materials are good quality
  • Includes a kickstand


  • The brakes aren’t great
  • It may need to be tuned up
  • The seat is uncomfortable

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Alloy stem
  • 16 speeds
  • Shimano shifter
  • Dual water bottle mounts


While there are many options for road bikes, you don’t need to settle for something you don’t like.  This bike is great if you don’t mind having a few tune-ups to ensure it is perfectly aligned.  Also, the seat does need to be replaced because it is uncomfortable. One of the biggest issues with the bike is that the brakes are terrible.  This is concerning, and based on that, you should look for a different bike.  While it is good, it probably isn’t worth the price.

Giordano Libero 1.6 White Pink Womens Road Bike

Giordano Libero 1.6 Women’s Road Bike

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4. Mercier Elle Sport Women’s Specific Road Bike

Mercier Elle Sport Womens Specific Road Bike Shimano 14 SpeedThe semi compact design of the bike makes it comfortable and easy to maneuver, especially in tight areas. It has durable wheels to ensure they don’t go flat while you’re riding, and includes all the gears you need to climb over steep hills.  It’s an excellent option for those looking for a bike they can use for calmer rides.

Semi Compact

The semi compact design makes the bike perfect for smaller women.  Not only that, but the design makes it more comfortable to ride.  It is a combination between an exercise and leisure bike.

Double Walled Rims

The double walled rims provide extra durability while you’re riding.  The tires won’t burst easily, and you can avoid getting a flat tire.  This is good for those that ride on streets where anything can be on the road.

Aluminum Frame

The aluminum frame makes the bike lightweight, which helps when you need to carry it around.  It will last longer, and won’t rust, which is good if you need to keep your bike outdoors where the weather can damage your bike.

Stem Shifters

Some bikes have shifters that are on the pedals, and this can make shifting difficult.  Since the shifters are right by your fingers, you can shift quickly and easily to get over a hill.

Excellent Colors

The vibrant colors make the bike stand out, and though it doesn’t affect how the bike rides, it is still nice when you can ride an appealing bike.  You can choose from green, pink, or orange to add some flavor to your bike.  It’s a good way to make a statement to the way you ride.


  • It easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Fun to ride


  • The grip by the shifters may be too big

Highlighted Features

  • Semi compact design
  • Double walled rims
  • Aluminum frame
  • Stem mounted shifters
  • Vibrant colors


This is a quality bike that will work for any type of rider.  The bright colors allow you to stand out, which is good when you’re riding along the street.  The gears are easy to use, and it has the right gears for getting up steep hills.  You can ride the bike all day long and be comfortable.

Mercier Elle Sport Womens Specific Road Bike Shimano 14 Speed

Mercier Elle Sport Women’s Specific Road Bike

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5. Nashbar Flat Bar Women’s Road Bike

Nashbar Women's Flat Bar Road BikeThis road bike is perfect for riding on any type of road, and provides excellent performance when you’re riding.  It has a flat bar that makes it better to control and maneuver when you’re riding. The frame is durable, and lightweight.  You can reach your top speed easily when you’re using the bike for your preferred riding method.

Flat Bar

The flat bar provides unwarranted comfort while you’re riding, and you will have more control over the bike.  The flat bar also makes shifting your gears easier, which is good when you must deal with a lot of hills on your routes.

Mixed Frame

The mixed frame construction makes the bike a combination of a cross-training bike and a leisure bike.  You can ride it like you’re exercising, or you can ride it to cool down after a tough ride.  It’s a comfortable design that will work for your preference.


The bike is lightweight because it uses more aluminum than other bikes.  There is aluminum for the fork and the seat stem, allowing you to take it anywhere.  Even when you need to walk it up a hill, you won’t struggle since you can push it easily.

24 Speeds

What makes this bike so good is that it has 24 speeds for you to choose from.  No matter if you’re riding around with your friends, or trying to do laps on a track, you can use the speeds to your advantage.  It’s the perfect way to get your exercise in, especially on your way to work.

Built for Women

The bike was built for women in mind, and you can tell by the design.  The smaller frame makes it comfortable and easy for women to use.  This is the perfect bike for any woman.


  • Perfect for women
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to ride


  • May not be for everyone

Highlighted Features

  • Flat bar
  • Aluminum parts
  • Mixed frame design
  • 24 speeds
  • Built for women


This is the perfect road bike for women, because it was designed specifically to cater to them.  This bike is easy and comfortable to ride, which is great for those looking for a bike to use. No matter if you’re cross training, riding to work, or just need something for a nice day, this is an excellent choice.  The higher speeds make the bike perfect for any women to get around in any environment.

Nashbar Women's Flat Bar Road Bike

Nashbar Flat Bar Women’s Road Bike

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Final Verdict

Road bikes for women are going to be smaller than bikes for men, and it’s understandable.  However, a lot of bike manufacturers don’t account for women’s anatomy, so finding a road bike can be quite difficult.  We recommend the Nashbar Flat Bar Women’s Road Bike because it is easy to maneuver, it was built for women, and it is more versatile than the other bikes. Though the sizing may be a little bit off, most women will find that this bike works well for them.  Not only that, but the 24 speeds are perfect for commuting or cross training, which can save you a lot of money down the line. 

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