10 Best Road Bikes Under $1500 in 2020 - Expert's List

10 Best Road Bikes Under $1500 in 2020 – Expert’s List

If you have got around 1500 dollars to spend on a great bike, whether you are buying this for the first time, or upgrading, you are definitely in a great position. This price segment of the road bike market is very competitive, meaning you will get a lot for your money in 2019!

Best road bikes under 1500 dollars budget market has wide range of collections, and with the best one, you are capable of handing a range of riding from club run to 100 mile race to daily commuting!

Things To Consider Before Buying

When purchasing a new road bike, the most important consideration is your budget. With 1500 dollars, there are several great road bikes from renowned manufacturers.

Next should be durability, which entails the type of material used to build the frame, the type of rims and tires. A great road bike should be able to serve its purpose for as long as it is required.

Be it for personal or sports requirement, you need to consider purchasing a durable road bike. The gear system and brakes are another major factor that you need to have in your mind when looking for your first road bike.

Also, the best gear system should handle any terrain and also boost the speed levels of your bike. On the other hand, braking system determines your road safety, which makes them a great consideration as well.

Finally, you need to consider the general performance and features that the road bike offers. Always go for the ones that have additional advantages and come with user friendly features.

10 Best Road Bikes Under $1500 - Reviews

With the price range in mind, I tested 30 different brands and road bike models for efficiency, durability, speed and safety. That is how I came up with the list below, of the top 10 best road bikes under 1500 US dollars price tag.

1. Kestrel Talon Road Shimano

Kestrel Talon Road Shimano

For serious riders and triathletes, the Talon provides riders with choices. Kestrel Talon Road Shimano is revolutionary in regards to how versatile it is.

Go from road to triathlon mode using just one impressive bike.

The bike’s design is its biggest achievement. Everything put into this model is to make it perfect for tough rides. The carbon frame is strong and durable, the design is made for speed, the cable routing system leads to clean airflow over the entire bike, and the saddle acts as a vibration dampener.

This bike does require some assembly and tuning and does not come with pedals, so you have to purchase those separately. Furthermore, it runs big, so shorter riders may want to look for an alternative.

Overall, this bike gets good ratings, albeit there aren’t too many comments and reviews. The several that are there give this product high praise. If you are serious about your riding, but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is the choice for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Carbon frame made from a combination of 800k and 700k carbon fibers.
  • Aerodynamically countered
  • Fully internal cable routing system
  • Asymmetrical seat
  • Adjustable saddle


  • The Shimano Shifters work really well for this bike.
  • The gears and the brakes work fine too.
  • It is really easy to get high and get down on speeds.
  • This bike is fast.
  • Great design and also lightweight bike.


  • Assembly is a bit tough. Take professional help if you want to do it right.

2. BEIOU® 2016 700C Road Bike Shimano

BEIOU® 2016 700C Road Bike Shimano

New to ever-growing market, this sleek bike is for any rider, both big and small. Unlike many of their competitors, BEIOU provides riders a choice if size for the bike that works for them.

BEIOU® 2016 700C Road Bike is a huge advantage because most bikes are made for taller riders. The model is a 2016, so it is the most advanced version.

Its ultra-light frame keeps you going at the right speed. The members of the company respond quickly to customer concerns and questions and they feature Shimano brand components.

There isn’t enough information out there to really know how this bike performs, but the current model suggests they have fixed and developed earlier editions.

It’s a unisex bike and comes in several sizes, which is great for shorter people as most bikes similar to these come in larger sizes. Their customer service seems to be prompt and helpful, so if there is a problem, you can just contact them. For the price, it is worth giving it a shot.

Since this model is brand new, there isn’t much information about it, including reviews and comments.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from carbon material
  • 11 speeds
  • Choice of different sizes
  • Wind Breaking design
  • Internal Cable Routing


  • Customer support is top notch.
  • Shimano 105 gear parts provide it racing genes.
  • You can navigate the toughest of corners thanks to the comfortable handlebars.
  • Saddle provides you a comfortable position to ride the bike.


  • No notable negative sides.

3. Diamondback 2015 Haanjo Comp

Diamondback 2015 Haanjo Comp

Are you looking for a road bike that can be used for all surfaces? The Diamondback complete alternative road bike is worth your consideration.

This is a road bike with an all-purpose functionality, and this sets it apart from other competing bikes on the market. The value of its price is equivalent to the quality of services offered.

The complete alternative road bike features an endurance frame constructed of 6061-T6 alloy that makes it lightweight hence providing you with a smooth ride.

The bike is designed in such a way that you remain upright as well as achieve the desired comfort. With the tapered head tube, you can easily handle this bike without experiencing front and flex in the course of hard efforts.

The bike boasts of a flattened top tube frame that makes it easy to shoulder when walking up stairs. Its light weight is also another advantage, hence you will be in a position to carry your bike effectively when going up stairs.

The presence of TRP hydraulic disc brakes provide an added stopping power when you need to slow down or stop.

Highlighted Features

  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame with endurance geometry
  • Gravel disc performance full monocoque smooth handling carbon fiber fork
  • Shimano 105 10-speed drivetrain provides great range of gears
  • true multi road capable Trp cable actuated hydraulic disc brakes and all terrain tires


  • A good choice to have in terms of price vs. Performance.
  • This aluminum frame does a great job on gravel.
  • It is a comfortable ride with complementing tires.


  • This bike is a bit on the heavier side.

4. Tommaso Monza Aluminum Tiagra Road Bike

Tommaso Monza Aluminum Tiagra Road Bike

Tommaso Monza is a compact road bike with various features. Especially speaking, the lightweight Aluminum frame works perfectly for the rider.

When you are riding on the roads, you don’t have to worry about the weight of the bike pulling you down. The frame gives you the opportunity to attach fenders and racks. You can take it for long rides in the countryside.

As far as the overall look of the bike is concerned, it is aerodynamic. The highlights are the handlebars. These are “Forcella” products, and these handles provide you maximum cushioning for long rides. These things allow your hands to stay relaxed while you channel the maximum power through your legs.

One thing impressed me with this road bike is that it gives you HICT Carbon fork. This fork does a great job of dampening the vibration that an uneven road presents you with. You won’t even feel the jerking that generally muddy or rocky roads offer.

As far as the gear is concerned, you get Shimano Tiagra gear with this cycle. 50/34T crankset gives you the smooth movement of the chain. The 11x32t cassette does wonder when you cycle through speeds. You get as many as 20 speed levels to play with! All in all, an excellent bike.

Just when you think it couldn’t be any better, Tiagra shifters allow you to have fast shifting and unmatched experience when you cycle through the speeds.

One thing to remember, though, you need to assemble each part of your bike carefully. I’d advise you to assemble the parts with professional help.


  • Nicely built frame that is lightweight and sturdy at the same time.
  • HICT carbon fork can withstand whatever the road throws at it.
  • The drive train and crankset from Shimano are responsible for wide range of speeds.
  • Tiagra shifters do their job and make the transition from one speed level to another seamlessly.


  • You need to have a professional assembly done for this bike to work right.

5. Ridley Fenix Alloy 105 FE701AM Bike

Ridley Fenix Alloy 105 FE701AM Bike

If you prefer racing genes in your road bike, you’ll love Ridley Fenix. It comes with Aluminum Frame. The frame is lightweight and butted for perfection.

The “Lightweight” construction gives you the edge when you are trying to negate “Air Pressure.”

You can now ride and navigate through busy city roads, thanks to the Shimano 105 STI Derailleur. The whole gear system is supported by Shimano. Ridley Fenix has 22 levels of speed that you can cycle through.

To make matters intriguing, the bike reaches top speed in quick time. Thanks to the Tektro brakes, you can halt the bike just as quickly if you are in a crowded area.

4Za wheels do a great job in stabilizing the bike. You can expect the wheels to hold it together when it comes to bumpy roads, slippery surfaces, and harsh weather conditions. Just to complement the wheels, the road bike has 4Za cockpit too.


  • 22 levels of speed will satisfy any bike rider.
  • Quality drivetrain parts from Shimano.
  • This road bike has racing genes in it and rides smoothly.


  • Some customers have had issues with internal routing ports.

6. Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike

Schwinn Phocus 1600 men's road bike is a great choice for beginner riders and commuters.

Not only is Schwinn recognized as the brand for bicycles, the bike definitely lives up to its name.

This bike is easy to assemble and has a wide gear range fit for any of your needs. It comes in two colors, so you can choose to rock the white design or the slimming black. From its comfort and durability to its easy assembly, consumers have expressed their joy and gratitude for finding such a great product.

The light frame allows for agile riding, and the seat seems to be comfortable enough, although that can always be changed if need be. It’s easy to assemble and is packaged twice to avoid damage.

The only downsides to this bike are that they are made for taller gentlemen, especially in the 5’10” to 6’ 2” range and that the gear shift can be a little finicky. Otherwise, there aren’t too many reported problems.

Highlighted Features

  • 14 speed derailler
  • Integrated shifts
  • Light aluminum frame with carbon fibre
  • Brakes with great braking power
  • Wide gear range


  • Great frame and parts as expected from Schwinn.
  • The ride is comfortable and no bumps at all.
  • You have the opportunity to attach two bottle holders.
  • The handlebars have soft rubber covers for added comfort.


  • Sometimes shifting gears can be a problem.

7. Diamondback Airen Complete Womens Bike

Diamondback Airen Complete Womens Bike

Since we are discussing Best Road Bikes Under 1500 Dollars, it is time to find a gem for the women as well. Diamondback delivers the perfect ride for every road with Airen Women’s Road Bike.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes; this brand caters to women of all heights.

The 7005 allow frame of this bike is perfect for women as it is light. But being a lightweight frame, it doesn’t compromise on the strength that is needed for harsh roads and weather conditions. The construction and design of the bike favor women. Even the alloy fork.

The DB Podium fork keeps your handlebars steady when you need them most. No matter how bad the road is, the fork doesn’t let you feel the bulk of the jerking. The fork aids to overall performance of the bike. Thanks to it and the handlebars working together, you can navigate through tight corners without much of a hassle.

Shimano Sora drivetrain works nicely to provide the women swift shifting experience. Add to that rear derailleur and a cassette that facilitates 9 different levels of speed. With wide range of gears, you can navigate through busy traffic as well as quiet country roads like a breeze.

This bike excels at providing stopping power as well. We have industry-leading Tektro brakes to thank for that. These are disc brakes that provide utmost performance in any weather. The roads can be muddy, slippery or rough; yet Tektro brakes stop your bike without the tires skidding onto the surface. That is what I call “Dead in their tracks.”

Since we are onto tires, Michelin Dynamic Sport 700x28C tires provide a touch of versatility to the bike. Rest assured, you can move through any obstacle and bump with supreme confidence. These tires cover Equation Disk wheels that have alloy spokes that support the wheels through thick and thin.


  • The design and the Sora groupset really makes it worthy of its price.
  • Disc brakes work perfectly with this bike.
  • Tires provide you with versatility to run the bike on different terrains.
  • 9 speed levels make it perfect for citywide riding.


  • People have tough times with connecting the shifters and the brakes together.

8. VeloVie Vecteur 100 Aluminum Alloy

VeloVie Vecteur 100 Aluminum Alloy

This VeloVie Vecteur 100 Aluminum Alloy Road Bicycle is your best pick if you intend to avoid the expensive carbon fiber constructed ones.

Since aluminum is less expensive yet effective in making strong and lightweight frames, this VelvoVie bike with Shimano R500 wheels is as perfect as you would require a road bike to be.

With this make, you get the opportunity to enjoy professional-grade bicycle without having to pay extremely expensive prices. That makes it a great pick for beginners or casual cyclists.

Most riders prefer this road bike because of its weight and stiffness. It comes perfect for the road, regardless of changing terrain. The combination of aluminum frame and its fork made from carbon fiber and a speck of an alloy, gives it the comfort and great usability.

It is your only hope of owning a high-end road bike without having to cough out excess money. Additionally, it comes with easy to mount and un-mount parts, with fewer maintenance services required.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality alternative and high end bike
  • Best For casual or beginning cyclists
  • Lightweight #7005 grade aluminum frame
  • Carbon fork
  • Ever-popular Shimano 105 group set added


  • A lightweight bike.
  • Complete Shimano gear set for top notch performance.
  • A bike for long rides.
  • The bike is perfect for people with medium height.


  • Tires might need changing.

9. 2015 Kestrel Talon Tri Carbon Fiber Bike

2015 Kestrel Talon Tri Carbon Fiber Bike

As we move further down on my list of best road bikes under 1500 dollars, Kestrel Talon Road Bike with Tri-Carbon Frame deserves mention here. Thanks to the Carbon Fiber frame, the bike is durable and can withstand whatever you plan to throw at it.

It goes without saying that this bike from Kestrel is impact resistant to the highest degree thanks to the Carbon construction.

In addition to being a road bike, this one is perfect for “Triathlon” as well. The aerodynamic frame complements the riding style of any rider on the road and is good for any road you ride on. Although the model was brought out in 2015, the sturdy frame and sleek look still keep at the top of a rider’s wish list.

If you are a tall rider, you’ll love this bike’s 58” frame. This bike isn’t difficult to assemble. In fact, it comes 98% assembled. You just need to connect different parts. But my advice would be to assemble it in the local bike shop once it arrives at your doorsteps.

It utilizes Shimano 105 gear with 11 different speed settings. These are perfect for road bike riding or triathlon tracks. The Kestrel Tri Carbon Bike features FSA shifters right at the end of the handlebars. Design-wise, this tweak is impressive, to say the least.

To round it all up, you get to have a limited time warranty from the manufacturers. This will surely cover all the damages and shortcomings. 


  • Provides you a smooth riding experience.
  • Suitable road bike for long rides.
  • Less pricy yet more features when you compare it with other brands and models.
  • Carbon fiber makes it strong and grants the longevity it needs.


  • Some reviewers complained about flat tires after few months of using the bike.

10. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Century 1

 Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Century 1

As we move further down on our list, here’s another road bike from Diamondback. The 2016 Century 1 model features 7005 Aluminum construction.

The geometry of the product is also impressive. The alloy frame and the overall geometry contributes to longer rides and less fatigue.

The DBR Alloy fork takes care of suspension. This fork aids to better steering with 1.5” tapered steerer. This will help you get a better grip on the road. In addition to surviving jarring, you can navigate twists and turns better.

As far as the gears go, Shimano Drivetrains are more than reliable when it comes to going through different levels of speed smoothly. With Shimano 105 11X2 drivetrain, you can access 22 levels of speed that cater through busy roads and quiet neighborhoods alike.

Avid Brakes are an integrated part of the design and performance of this bike. These brakes are one of the bests in the cycling world. Specifically speaking, Avid BB5 brakes give you the perfect amount of force to slow down or completely stop your ride whenever you need and under any weather condition.

We have Michelin wheels as a part of this road bike from Diamondback. The disc wheels match perfectly with the disc brakes allowing you to have absolute control of how you are riding your bike under different circumstances.


  • Lightweight frame and geometry enhance the performance of the bike.
  • You won’t feel fatigued after a long ride on this bike.
  • 24H wheels help people with average height to maintain a balance.
  • The “Air-formed” fork helps you in better steering.


  • No negatives found so far.

How to Find the Best Road Bikes Under $1500

With $1500 as the limit, you can truly get a bang for your buck. Average biking consumers spend more than other people. As you are a biker, I know you spend more than others but that doesn't mean you spend for a bike that's not even worth the price tag.

Rather than spending $10,000 on a bike and living like a broke the next day, scamper through the next section and find out how to spot a deal winner road bike in just under $1500.

Pick the One that’s the Correct Size for You

Even if you buy a bike that costs under $1500, you should find the size that’s appropriate for you. When you are purchasing a road bike online, you should see for size options. Most of the brands and their models come with different sizes and wheel heights.

Choosing the ideal size will make sure you don’t buy a beast that is too big for your body or a mouse that is too small.

Choose the Configuration and the Frames Carefully

Bicycles that cost you over $2000 or even more, have limited choices when it comes to frame material, gear parts, and brakes. But when it comes to the ones costing you less than $1500 the choice is widened. That is why it is important that you choose well.

For frames, you can go Carbon Fiber or Aluminum. Aluminum makes a bike light. Most bikes weigh between 17lbs. and 22 lbs. That is acceptable. On the other hand, Carbon provides sturdiness and rigidity to your bike. It goes without saying that Carbon frame will cost you more than their Aluminum Counterparts.

As far as the configuration is concerned, my advice to you would be to buy medium-level configuration with a high-end frame. Ideally, you want your road bike to last long. Maxing out the configuration with a basic chassis spells disaster as the cycle visits maker’s shop frequently.

Which Groupset Should You Go for?

This is a tricky question. The makers use parts like derailleurs, drivetrains, and brakes from different price levels and combine them into one group balancing out the price. These parts may or may not feature from the same company. At the range from $800 to $1500, most popular groupsets are Shimano, SRAM, Sora, Tiagra Claris and more. I am more for Shimano because I’ve used Shimano groupsets for a long time.

As far as the cranks go, choose double or triple cranks. They make it easy on your road bikes to climb up or down steep pathways.

Wheels, Pedals, and Shoes

I’ll be honest with you, there won’t be any Carbon wheel at this price. But, you can get your hands on Shimano, Kenda, and Mavic which are pretty good in their own rights.

As far as the pedals are concerned, very few road bikes under $1500 come with pedals. It is best to buy a separate pair just in case. SPD pedals and similar shoes are good enough for a bike within $800 to $1500 range.

What’ll be the Ideal Weight of the Bike?

I generally prefer a weight range from 17lbs to 22lbs. These are considered “Lightweight” bikes. You’ll notice heavier bikes have less price attached to them. The frame materials aren’t great either. So, stick to a lightweight bike as it helps you in acceleration as well.

Lightweight road bikes negate air pressure better with the aerodynamic design when you are pushing forward. When it comes to the virtually weightless bike, Diamondback is my first choice.

Final Verdict

Cycling is one of the most fun-full and healthy outdoor activities in the world right now. Whether you are doing it for sports, adventure or as an exercise, you deserve to be on an amazing bike with user-friendly features as well as great functionalities.

Finding the best road bike under 1500 dollars is therefore a great start towards optimizing your cycling experience. As long as you know exactly what to look for and where to look for, you will find it easy getting a road bike worth your money.

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