Bicycle Safety: How to Not Get Hit by Cars

Not Get Hit by Cars

Bicycle accidents are very common and so many people lose their lives by getting hit by a car. An accident can occur as a result of the driver’s fault, but the most common cause is the lack of knowledge by the cyclist. Getting hit by a car causes deadly accidents, and this has made many people fear to ride bikes.

What can you do to avoid such accidents from happening? What are some of the bike safety measures that you should take to keep you safe on the road? Many people think that wearing a bike helmet and observing the rules will prevent accidents. This is very true but to also need to know other important things that will prevent you from being hit by a car as you ride.

Taking the right measures and equipping yourself with the right information will greatly help in reducing the chances of you getting hit by a car and also allows you to ride comfortably. In this page, I will help you understand how to get hit by cars when you are cycling. But before we get there, let us learn some of the top ways in which cyclists get hit by cars.

Ways In Which Cyclists Get Hit By Cars

There are so many ways in which the collisions between cyclists and cars take place. Most of the situations happen as a result of the error from the driver because they hardly know if the cyclist is there. But as a cyclist, there are some things that you can do to prevent collisions with cars. Here is how accidents result when you are cycling:

Pull Out- This is a condition where the car is pulling onto the road, and the driver looks quickly but doesn’t see a cyclist and hence ends up hitting him.

Left Cross- Occurs when the vehicle is turning left across the roadway, and the cyclist is on the wrong end. The vehicle looks at the lane to see if it is clear and mist cases drivers do not see across the lane to see if there is a cyclist.

Right Hook- This can take place in situations where drivers are not used to cyclists. The vehicle will pass you and then turn right to the next road hence crossing your path.

Traffic Lights- These are also a potential hazard because of the closeness of the vehicles and the speed in which they are moving. The cyclists should always ride in a lane to be seen.

Hit From Behind- Being hit from behind scares many cyclists. Most of them might be on their phone, so they might not pay much attention when riding.

Safety Tips To Help You Avoid Getting Hit By Cars

If you want to ride safely and avoid car accidents, you need to know the following tips. If you observe them when you are riding, you will always ride safely and reduce the chances of accidents taking place.

Observe Road Rules

Observing the road rules is very important. You should bike on the road in the same direction as traffic. This is because bikes are considered as road vehicles. Only children under 12 years are allowed by the law to ride on the sidewalks.

Just like driving a car, you need to follow the traffic signs. You should stop at the red light and other stop signs on the road. Again, if there are marked bike paths, it is important if you use them.

If you are traveling with kids, you should be extra careful. In some other parts of the country like New York, you are not allowed to carry kids on a bike. If you are carrying kids, ensure that they have a helmet and must seat in the attached kid carrier correctly.

Wearing The Right Safety Gear

Every state has its rules and regulations when it comes to safety gear. In most cases, cyclists are required to observe the following safety rules.

  • Having a helmet
  • Brakes that work well
  • Reflectors on the front and back of the bike
  • Bell or horn
  • White headlight and red tailing for use during sunset and at night

Habits For Riding On Busy Streets

Most of the accidents that happen are also caused by recklessness and ignorance from the cyclist. You need to adopt some habits especially when you are riding along busy streets. If you want to have a safe cycling experience with reduced or no accident, ensure you observe the following when you are on the road.

  • Avoid using your phone
  • Ride in a straight line
  • Always ensure that you are on the right side of the lane
  • Ensure that at least one hand is one the handlebars
  • Do not ride when you are drunk
  • Signal well
  • Always stay visible so that you can be seen

Changing Your Mentality

Even after observing the above techniques, you should also change your mentality, and you will avoid accidents and coming close to cars. For instance, you can look for roads and other routes between home and work.  Such paths take you away from the potential dangers that are likely to occur when you are on traffic.

Final Words

Riding your bike on the road should not give you trouble. Instead, you should enjoy every second when you are riding. Even if you are commuting to work or school, riding for fitness of for fun, it is important to ensure that you are safe on the road.

You should wear clothes that improve your visibility such as brightly colored so that you can be seen when you are riding at night or during low light situations. Also, depending on the traffic rules of your state, ensure you follow the rules and you will not find yourself getting hit by cars.

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