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At BikeGeeky, we love riding as much as you do. We love bikes and all kinds of cycling stuff.

To make riding easier for newbies to experts, we do our research, list them & elaborate, so you don’t need to do yourself. We have dozens of cycling resources available on our blog, starting with the bikes we love to gear we use to optimizing the performance of the bike.

All of our blog posts can are available on this page (links are available above!)

We have 50,000+ readers every month reading our resources, and helping themselves to get started biking.

Depending on where you end up visiting our website, you can read a lot of blog posts about long distance bike touring, in-depth bike reviews (all sort of bikes, including, road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, commuting bike & a lot more), gear suggestions & history of cycling, etc.

If you are willing to contribute to this site, you are welcome to join us. Contact us and let us know how you can help.