Club UTL810 Utility Lock Review

How far would you go to ensure your Mountain Bike is safe from thieves?

I’d say you’ll lock your bike properly. Most bicycle lock companies provide useful tools for the job. They depend on shackles and chains to produce them. While they are good, thugs can bypass or even cut them through using heavier tools.Club UTL810 Utility Lock Review

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Club UTL810 Utility Lock takes the protection of your bike a little further. Instead of using shackles or chains, it has moved on to ATVs. These things are basically steel frames with vinyl coating and rubbers on the edges.

ATVs are essentially an upgrade from traditional bike security systems. Along with this, Club UTL810 Utility Lock has other interesting features that I’d love to talk about in this review article.

So, let us get started.

The Design is Convenient

Club UTL810 Utility Lock 1Club UTL810 Utility Lock is made of steel just like any other lock. But the difference lies in ATVs. Conventional locks would use chains or shackles to lock your bike. But Club UTL810 uses these ATVs to lock your bike or any other vehicle with an object.

The lock has an impressive reach from 13mm to 20mm. Of course, you can adjust that as well. Steel made lock uses vinyl coating.

It saves Club UTL810 Utility Lock from getting scratches. Manufacturers have used rubbers on the edges of this lock. Inside the rubbers, air pressure is used to help the lock open and close.

The Lock is very convenient

It is truly one of the easiest locks to operate. All you have to do is to put the rubber parts of Club UTL810 Utility Lock in place and it is set up for use. Once the rubber creates an air vacuum inside, the lock will shut down.

To open it again, just twist the rubber knob in the opposite direction. A word of advice, “Do open or close the lock properly.” Or else, the lock will fall off as a result of an accident.

It is crucial. If you don’t lock and unlock this tool correctly, the lock will fall and the weight of the lock might damage your bike, furniture, cycle or even you!

How Secure Are You with this Lock?

Club UTL810 Utility Lock 2The lock is bigger in size than most of its competition. Big lock means large diameter. You can lock the frame and wheels of your mountain bike using Club UTL810 Utility Lock. People even put two or more bikes together with a nearby object.

The steel of this tool is pretty tough. On top of that, the ATV makes sure that thugs don’t get the better of this lock and take away your vehicle.

Club UTL810 Utility Lock can take 1500psi of pressure and still be tough on duty. That is why thugs can cut through the tool by applying pressure.

How Can You Make Club UTL810 Utility Waterproof?

That is actually pretty easy. I’ve been using this equipment for over a year. I always keep the shorter end of the tool facing downward.

That is one way of keeping the water from entering the hollow chamber of the lock. As a result, the rubbers of this equipment won’t hold water in. They will not rot as a direct consequence. You’ll be able to enjoy its benefit for years.


  • The Lock comes with an ATV. You can transport it easily compared to padlocks.
  • Has a high tolerance for pressure (1500psi). So, you can’t cut or hack it with a hacksaw.
  • It resists scratches.
  • This lock is easy to work with.
  • You can use it on other vehicles besides the bike. People even use it on a patio.


  • The lock has weight. It can cause you backaches if you carry it for long.
  • The second problem lies in the rubber. It can dampen or even rot over time due to water.

Features At a glance

  • Length adjusts from 8.5 inches up to 11.5 inches, 6.25 inches inside width
  • Weather resistant and easy to use
  • Extra heavy duty construction withstands over 1,500 pounds of pressure
  • Vinyl coating tempered steel protects objects from scratches and scrap

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q. Where can I lock my bike with this lock?

A. First of all, you can use this lock on other vehicles besides your bike. You can lock your bike to anything and in any position. The lock will have to cover its diameter while in operation.

Q. Does it have mounts?

A. No, it is just a lock. You’ll have to buy a mount for it separately.

Final Verdict

For a well-made lock, The Club UTL810 is cheaper than its competitors. Even after a year of heavy using, the lock has held up for me. The best thing is, I can use this lock on other vehicles too. You can lock your motorbikes, car tires and anything you can wrap this lock around.

The rubber coating on this lock saves your steel from moisture contact. So, The Club UTL 810 is rustproof. This tool is definitely a strong recommendation for the vehicle users.

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