Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sorrento Mountain Bike Review

If you are an adventurous rider, then you definitely need an adventurous mountain bike. Think about it; how can an adventurous rider ride a bike that limits the places that they can travel to? Selecting a bike that can traverse a wide variety of terrain, therefore, becomes your next challenge, especially considering the range of options available to you.

That is where the 2015 Sorrento Hardtail Complete comes in, offering itself up as the perfect companion for exploring the world around you with no limitation. This solid and sturdy bike will definitely stand up to any and all abuse it faces so that you can ride comfortably on all terrain.

With the Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sorrento, you can now set out without any hassle, finding your destination along the way. So if you are tired of mountain bikes that limit the scope of your adventure, then read the comprehensive Sorrento review below.

Features of the Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sorrento Hard Tail

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike is designed to meet the needs of the consumer. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Sorrento Hard Tail near the top of our best mountain bike list.

27.5-inch wheels

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike Review

 27.5-inch wheels have established themselves as the best of both worlds. You should, therefore, be glad that the Sorrento Hardtail comes with 27.5-inch wheels, for excellent maneuverability and smooth riding on all terrain.

These easy-rolling wheels provide excellent traction when you are riding over wet and uneven surfaces so that you are safe in all situations. The wheels on the Sorrento, therefore, allow you to transition from smooth bike paths to rutted off-road tracks with ease.

 Durable Construction

When you buy a mountain bike you need to ensure that it has been constructed with durability in mind. This is because mountain bikes face a lot of abuse from off-road riding, and they need to withstand this abuse.

Thankfully, the 2015 Sorrento has a durable aluminum frame, which has been constructed with the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy that has undergone a heat-treatment process. Furthermore, this frame is complemented by a replaceable derailleur hanger, which makes the bike more rigid and in turn more durable.

Powerful Brakes

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike Review

One thing that you should never skimp on is the quality of your brakes; after all, you do not want to be barreling down a hill at 35MPH without the ability to stop. That is why Diamondback has designed the 2015 Sorrento with powerful Tektro brakes, which give you the confidence needed to travel at high speeds on all terrain. You can now have peace of mind regarding your ability to stop when you are out riding.

Smooth Riding

Because the Sorrento is designed for adventurous riders, Diamondback expects it to see a lot of off-road action. It is for this reason that the Diamondback 2015 Sorrento is equipped with a Trail XC suspension fork, with 60mm travel.

This fork will smoothen out the bumps below you like your ride on rough terrain so that you can remain in full control at all times.

Reliable Shifting

Another great feature of the 2015 Sorrento Hardtail mountain bike is its top-notch derailleurs and shifters. These gearing components allow you to shift quickly, smoothly, and efficiently, so that you can have an extremely enjoyable riding experience.


  • Setup is straightforward
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Well built
  • The seat has a quick-adjust lever
  • Bike rides smooth and quiet
  • Shifting is smooth
  • Brakes are reliable
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Multiple frame sizes


  • The Manual is not clear
  • Pedals are not of good quality

Features at a Glance

  • Hardtail comes with 27.5-inch wheels
  • the 2015 Sorrento has a durable aluminum frame
  • Diamondback 2015 Sorrento has a Trail XC suspension fork, with 60mm travel.
  • Has great derailleurs and shifters

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can you make jumps with the 2015 Sorrento Hardtail?

A. Yes, you can. The mountain bike has a lightweight aluminum frame, and this gives you the ability to make small to medium jumps without straining yourself.

Q. Does the Sorrento come in multiple sizes?

A. Yes. Just like nearly all Diamondback bicycles, you have the option of choosing between a 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, and 22-inch bike frame size. This means that you will find the perfect fit for your riding needs.

Final Verdict

As you can see, the Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sorrento Hardtail Complete Mountain Bike has been ruggedly built for off-road fun. So if you are a free spirit with a love of adventure, then this well-designed bike is definitely the way to go.

What more can you ask for in a mountain bike?

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