Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike is almost the perfect cycle for trail riding. The popular thing about the bike is that it is customizable. Also, the lightweight bike is perfect for both city roads and hard mountain trails.

Diamondback XE Complete Mountain Bike is equipped with a sturdy aluminum frame, 21 different speeds, a worthy suspension for both urban and mountain roads and a lot more. This bike is all you need to stand up tall against bumpy roads and nasty road lumps.

Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike Review

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I invite you to read this thoughtful review of Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike to know in detail what you are up against when purchasing this bike.

The Thoughtful Design

Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike is one of the toughest cycles around. The aluminum frame is lightweight. But the same 6061-T6 Aluminum grants strength to this bike.

Also, there are top and down tubes that allow stability to this bike against the rocky roads that you may encounter in mountainous regions.

Along with the long durable frame, you will get double wall wheels with this bike. These wheels protect you against pebbles and rocks on the way.

The Suspension Works Great

If you are still worried about how this bike will feature in a harsh hilly condition, the front suspension will take that away.

Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike ReviewDiamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike comes with Suntour XCT 100mm suspension fork. This is air filled. So, 100mm fork will guard the sensitive parts of the cycle against bumps and hitches along the road.

Along with the suspension, Diamondback manufacturers have put in the effort with KMC-Z51 chain. It is one of the best materials available that keeps the cycle up and running and doesn’t fall off when you are coming downhill on a rough road or going high up.

Gear System and Brakes

It is critical that you have a gear system that gives you speed when you need. When you are climbing uphill, the ideal bike will provide you with more speed while less pedaling is required.

Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike has Tektro Novella mechanical disc brakes. Disc brakes always help you to put your bike on quick stop when you need while downhill riding.

The bike can move just as fast as it can stop. Thanks to the front and rear derailleurs that are from Shimano, it moves at great speed when on roads and trailing up the mountain.

The rear derailleur is “Shimano Atlas Speed 7” that is widely acclaimed for its performance. Also, Diamondback Response features an impressive “21-speed” gear that will quench your thirst for speed.

The Tires work Wonders

Tires of Diamondback Response XE are also built with speed in mind just to complement the gear and the brakes. The 26-inch tires (the ones I rode with) felt just right.

However, you can choose between 27.5 or 29-inch wheels too if you like. Double wall diamondback wheels protect the spokes from roots, ruts or even rocks. Thanks to these wheels, you will not have to visit the mechanic every now and then to get your wheel nuts tightened or fixed.

KendraKlaw XT tires provide the perfect foil for the wheels. The rubber on the tires guarantees excellent grip on the road while protecting the wheels from being punctured.


  • Durable bike with great design.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Does great when in water or muddy conditions.
  • Affordable bike.
  • Smooth gear mechanism.


  • Plastic pedals dim the benefits of the gear system.
  • Parts may need frequent changing.
  • The bike doesn’t come with all the assembly tools.
  • Replacing the parts may cause the maintenance cost to go up.
  • The manufacturers have issues with quality control.

Feature At a glance

  • Frame is 6061-T6 aluminum with formed tops and down tubes
  • Fork is Suntour XCT fork with 100mm travel
  • Brakes are Tektro Novela mechanical brakes
  • Front derailleur is Shimano
  • Rear derailleur is Shimano Altus 7speed
  • Number of gears is 21

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q.Which Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike would suit a 6-feet person?

A.The 26-inch tires’ bike is suit a person with average height such as you.

Q.Is the seat adjustable?

A. Yes, the seat can adjusted for people with different heights.

Final Verdict

Diamondback Response XE Complete Mountain Bike, with some minor shortcomings, still is consider one of the finest bikes around. You’ll be glad to know that it will cater the needs of both novice and seasoned bike riders.

The average reviews of this bike prove the point. It will be the perfect bike to ride on the weekends. The plastic pedals and maintenance issues need to be take care of regularly to ensure the performance of this bike remains of top class.

The instruction manual can be a great help in this cause. I’d recommend the bike to any rider looking for a thrilling adventure. Yet, constant maintenance is always needed for this type of bike.

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