How Cycling is Making the World a Better Place

Most people, both kids, and adults alike love riding their bicycles. Cycling is a fun activity, it can get you from place to place, and it is a good work out among other things. However, it does not end there. It’s not just about convenience or having fun or burning some calories or whatever you use your bike for, it’s a lot deeper than that.

Now, you’re probably wondering what that could mean, and I will explain in a bit. In so many ways, cycling has a huge impact on the environment so technically, cycling helps make the world a better place. Deep, right? Isn’t that great? In my review, I will tell you how cycling does a lot in making our beautiful planet better as well so listen up.


Pollution is a problem in the world right now. Different modes of transportation such as buses, cars, trains and others cause heavy air and noise pollution, and they leave massive carbon footprints everywhere they go. A bicycle does not require fuel, and neither does it emit any poisonous gasses.

A reduction in all these levels of pollution is much needed. Cycling is an environmentally friendly mode of transport and not to mention cheap, as fuel prices are raising daily. So for short distances, save some money and the planet by cycling there!


As I had already mentioned, cycling is a workout. It an excellent exercise for cardiovascular fitness. It strengthens heart muscles hence improving circulation. It also helps in shedding weight because it is energetic and it increases your metabolic rate, helping you burn body fat.

Since cycling is an outdoor activity, you are likely to be exposed to sunlight, which helps in production of Vitamin D which is good for the bones. You are also exposed to fresh air, and it improves your general fitness level. The health benefits are way too many.

If more people could cycle more, we could all live healthier lives. A healthy population is a happy population hence making the world a better place one person at a time.

Saves Trees

Apart from biking reducing the carbon footprint, more specifically, bikes reduce the need for clearing land for asphalt parking lots. If you do the math right, more than 10 bikes can easily fit in a parking space allocated for one car. Clearing trees is doing nothing positive for the environment, so more bikes and less cars cause less need for clearing our trees for parking lots.

Reduces Traffic

You have probably seen a biker zoom past you while sitting in traffic, especially during rush hour. Not only do those cars sitting there produce a lot of pollution, but they are also slower than bikes. Obviously. So what if, instead of taking that short drive to work or wherever, you hop onto your bike and cycle there? You will save time, reduce traffic and get there faster with zero pollution.

Biking Can Make you More Productive

Biking will make you feel more energized, so if you are biking to work, you will feel you have more energy and ready to take on the day. Not to mention getting there faster as everyone else who took a car is waiting in traffic.

The earlier you get to work, the more time you will have to get more done, and if you are feeling energized, you will do it better with more zeal making you more productive. Now if more people did this, where would we be?

Biking Can Reduce Healthcare Costs

We have already established that biking is a healthy activity in more ways than one. If you are healthier and fit, you are less vulnerable to diseases. Studies show that a considerable amount of money is spent on healthcare every year. And if everyone spent 30 minutes of their day biking, then we can significantly reduce healthcare expenditure.

Stress Free

Aside from physical health, cycling also helps improve one’s mental health. Cycling releases endorphins which decrease stress and increase pleasure. It is a good mood elevator.

Outdoor cycling is a good way to reconnect with nature and feel fresh air. Good mental health is crucial, and you can get relief from stress, anxiety or depression partly from the pleasure and satisfaction of riding a bicycle.

And the good news is, you do not need to worry about incorporating new healthy lifestyle activities into your busy schedule as cycling is a stress-free, low-impact means of engaging in physical activity. And you could cycle to work, killing several birds with one stone.

Bicycles Take a Lot Less Energy to Make as Compared to Cars

Production of cars has a much, much larger negative impact on the environment as compared to the production of bicycles. In the manufacture of cars, there is several tons of waste products, and a lot of air is polluted. Not to mention the pollutants from fuel use. The manufacture of bicycles and their use significantly reduces these emissions that pollute the air.

To save the earth, we ought to create more demand for bicycles and less demand for cars so more bicycles can be manufactured, for more environmentally friendly transportation that will significantly make the world a better place.

Reduce Road Accidents

The number of people we lose to vehicle crashes every year is alarming. Bicycle crashes are less common, and if there is one, almost 100% of the time, a car is involved. As unfortunate as it is, statistically, there is a much larger chance of you dying in a car crash as opposed to a bicycle crash.

Final Words

Wasn’t that super insightful? If you didn’t know before, you now know that biking is a lot more than just that, and it can make the world a better place. It is fun, improves your life, relieves stress, increases productivity, saves time during rush hour and above all, does a lot in saving the planet for our children’s children.

About the Author Matthew R. Duncan

I am proud to be the go-to guy among my circle for bike advice. I take it personally when someone I know buys a new bike without consulting me first!

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