How To Get Into Cycling – Ultimate Guide From A Pro Biker

Cycling has been embraced widely and can be regarded as the world’s most efficient and mode of transport. It has also been renowned sporting activity. I appreciated cycling when my doctor recommended it for fitness and losing weight the healthy way.

The idea of cycling scared me at first. I mean, who rides on a two-wheeled thing and expects not to fall and injure themselves. I could not imagine myself riding besides huge Lorries and fast moving cars on the road.

There is no doubt that courage is the only way to greatness. I read magazines, searched for information on the internet and even asked veteran cyclists on how I could manage to cycle. Of course, various people have different versions of what works and those that do not.

Trust me, and you do not have room to try everything you read or hear as you might end up hurting yourself or even have a negative attitude towards this beautiful recreational activity.

Cycling is my thing right now. No one can beat me, I can brag about it. Here are a few tips for beginners that would totally prepare you to cycle.

Zeal And Attitude

You ought to love the activity to be good at it. Indeed, wherever there is a will, there is a way. There so many documentaries and feature stories that have given details about biking. You can also find information on the internet concerning the same.

It is always great to know what other people feel or share about the sport. Having the interest to learn more about cycling will increase your chances of mastering the activity and becoming good at it.

Once you have grasped the basics of the sport, you should be able to put more practice and sacrifice so as to master the art. Nothing comes easy as you will have to learn your ways to riding with quality speed, stability, confidence, and energy.

You might start as little as running your house errands to and from the store or visiting your neighbors or friends. Within no time, you will be confidently riding down a busy street.

Bike Purchase And Maintenance

Purchasing a bike is as tough as riding it for the first time. You have to know certain features that give it outstanding performance. This includes the construction materials, weight, body design and wheels and size among other factors. You should also be assured of getting the spare parts easily and conveniently as soon as you need them.

Also, you should be able to know how to fix the spare parts in case of any breakdown. Having the basic knowledge will be of great benefit in case your bike breaks down in a new and unfamiliar environment where you cannot seem to find help from the strangers. In regards to this, always carry your breakdown kit with you in case of any accidents.

Ensure Total Safety

You should always keep in mind that biking is a wonderful activity but could be a pain in the ass if you do not take the necessary caution. Just like driving any motor vehicle, you ought to know all the traffic rules in your fingertips. You should communicate with the drivers of the vehicles and at the same time your fellow cyclist.

This requires you to be keen in the direction you are driving at, how you indicate your directions, your lanes, the speed you are riding at and even simple turns to left or right while riding. You do not want to do a single mistake that could cost lives.

Therefore; you should familiarize yourself with the road language so as to know what you are getting yourself into. Furthermore, you should be aware how to park your bike safely. There are so many cases of bike thefts hence you may want to purchase a lock to keep your asset with you.

You should also be watchful for the condition of your bike before you are set to the road. The tires should depict enough pressure. They should also be as new as possible since worn out tires may be a menace on the road. You should also arm yourself with a helmet, cycling costumes such as socks, shorts or shoes among others. This is essential as it makes you a serious cyclist who is willing to take the art to another new level.

Type Of Bike

To tell you for free, the kind of bike you ride mutually affects your attitude towards the activity. This has been witnessed in regards to the size, height, construction, color, accessories and design among other factors that could intrigue you to riding the bike. You should be able to choose a bike that is the right size to accommodate your height and weight. You cannot imagine riding a taller bike when you are shorter or vice versa.

The model of the bike will also matter a lot regarding how it has been constructed, quality and features it depicts. There are celebrated, and credible bike manufacturers that make awesome bikes that are to die for. The pride that comes with having the best model is unmatched. You will feel it once you are on top and everyone is pointing at your bike with awe.  You might have the courage to try a new style you just learned just to show them.

Final Words

Once you get into serious cycling, you will never get out.  You will be addicted to it. From experience, a day never ends before I ride my bike, even for like five minutes. I always commute to and from work with my bike. I love the green energy it contributes.

More so, I love the fitness, energy and a sharper mind it gives me. I do not know how I survived before without biking. I cannot even figure out how I made it to this far. Indeed, biking is worth your embrace as it will never be a letdown.

About the Author Matthew R. Duncan

I am proud to be the go-to guy among my circle for bike advice. I take it personally when someone I know buys a new bike without consulting me first!

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