How to Learn to Ride a Bicycle

It is a common belief among people that if you did not learn how to ride a bicycle when you were little, you missed your chance and it is too late to learn as an adult. Well, consider it a lie because a lot of adults have learned how to ride in their adulthood.

Anybody can learn how to ride, and it isn’t any harder for an adult as it is for a child. Or vice versa. It can be the simplest, most natural thing for anybody, regardless of the age. All it takes is having the right bike for you and taking a simple step by step approach to master the art of bicycle riding.

In case you are nervous, push fear and nerves out of the way and relax first. The experience will be far less overwhelming this way.  Make sure you have a wide, open and safe space to practice, like a field, park or even a parking lot. In my review are the few simple steps to get you (or your child) started. Here’s how;

Find A Bike

Whether you are renting or purchasing your bike, finding the right bike for you will make the learning experience a whole lot easier. A simple way to make sure that you have the right bike size for you is by making sure the top tube does not press into you when you stand over the bike. If it does, try a smaller bike.

Lower the seat on the bike, so you can sit on the saddle with your feet resting on the ground. This ensures that you can put your feet solidly on the ground when you need to .From the saddle, you should be able to reach the brakes and the handlebars comfortably.

Practice getting on and off the bike. Leaning it towards you to get on while holding the brakes is an easy and safe way to do this. The essence of holding the brakes is so the bike doesn’t roll away or wobble.

Find A Good Place To Bike

Go for secluded areas like parks, fields, parking lots and et cetera. Even your backyard or front yard if it’s spacious enough. Getting a bike and rolling out into traffic or a busy area is a really bad idea for a beginner and it might put you off bike riding. Or worse, you could get involved in an accident.

Practicing in a place like a park means no traffic to worry about and if you are one to mind judgment and people looking, you don’t have to worry about that either. And as you get better, you can bike where you can.

Get Used To Braking

Learn how to brake as it is a pretty crucial skill while learning how to ride. It is a major part of riding because you need to stop at some point, right? Push your bike beside you while practicing how to pull on the brakes to stop it. Apply even pressure on both brakes.

Learn To Glide

By now you are ready to start moving. Get on the bike with both feet on the ground, and use them to push off to gain balance before you start pedaling. Scooting along helps you learn the feeling of balancing on two wheels.

The aim is to push off and get both feet off the ground for as long as possible, and if need be, put one foot down to correct your balance. Practice this until you can glide along for more than 3 seconds without putting your feet down to correct your balance. Once you can do this, congratulations! You are ready to start pedaling.

Keeping Your Balance, Look Ahead To Where You Are Headed.

It is important to always look ahead, instead of down. Look ahead to place you want to go instead of looking at your feet. It helps you maintain balance and follow your line of vision.

Get Ready To Pedal

By now I hope you have mastered gliding, maintaining balance, keeping your vision steady and breaking. If you are, you are now ready to pedal. Start with one foot on the ground and the other on a pedal in the two o’clock position to offer you some momentum when you push down on the pedal.

Once you push off place, the other foot on the other pedal as you move forward. You are now riding a bike. The faster you pedal forward, the simpler it will be to maintain your balance. It might take a fair number of tries, but you will get the hang of it. Remember to practice navigating obstacles or cones. Practice in your wide open space, and once you develop confidence, you can ride off anywhere you like!

Be Safe

Needless to say, your safety, or rather the rider’s safety (and the safety of anyone else on the road) comes first. Use your horn/bell, lights if any, wear a helmet, gloves, knee/shin armor and et cetera. Make sure you are safe enough and be aware of pedestrians, cars and other bikers. While riding on the street, make sure you are on the right side and take absolute caution at intersections and lights, so you cause any accidents.

Final Words

As I already said, regardless of age, anyone can learn how to ride a bicycle. Try this approach in the simple steps I have listed in my review and see for yourself. It is worth learning because, for one, it is fun. Also, it can be your little means of transport to get you from here to there, it is a workout, and it gives an incredible sensation.

Remember to get the correct bike for you, find a good, safe place to ride, and follow through with these steps, and you will be a rider soon enough. Remember to be safe for your safety and that of others while on the road is paramount. So give biking a shot today, I promise it will be worth it.

About the Author Matthew R. Duncan

I am proud to be the go-to guy among my circle for bike advice. I take it personally when someone I know buys a new bike without consulting me first!

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