10 Must Have iPhone And Android Apps For Cycling: Free And Premium

If you’re the type of person that loves to go cycling every chance you get, then you need to pay attention to some of the apps for cycling that are available. A lot of these apps can help map and track your current bike ride and others can help to show you tips and tricks for a better bike ride, how to fix your bike, and how to find the best route possible.

10 Must Have iPhone And Android Apps For Cycling

If you have an iPhone or an Android, the following apps are must-haves and you’re going to love to use these apps every time you head out on your next ride.

Google Maps – Free

While chances are good that your phone you use has a maps program already built into it, I can almost guarantee that it doesn’t come close to competing with what Google has with Google Maps.

This is going to be one of the best navigations devices that you can use when it comes to your phone and you can easily use it to guide you to the best bike paths and you can even use it once you are on the bike paths to get the best results overall.

Of course, the app isn’t going to be totally perfect and it will have some flaws but this is one of the best you will find. It can provide you with turn-by-turn instruction when you are riding and you can use headphones to hear the directions as well if you need to. Best of all, the app is completely free and can be used for both Android and iPhone.

Endomondo – Free (Offers in-app purchases)

EndomondoThis is going to be another app that will help to track your entire bike ride but the difference between this one and Google Maps is that it offers a ton of different data and information based on your ride. One of the reasons this app is so highly recommended is because so many users report how easy it is to use when compared to others.

In addition to displaying your route and where you are going, it is going to be able to provide you with data regarding your durations, calories burned, speed and it can be used with a heart rate monitor as well. Best of all, it can provide you with a full training log when you are finished so that you can easily analyze your entire workout.

MapMyRide – Free (Offers in-app purchases)

If you’re the type of person that wants to have everything planned out ahead of time so that you know exactly what is going on and where you are going before you even get on your bike, this is going to be the app you want. It has been around for a while and it is probably the most popular method used to help plot your routes or find other routes in your area that are popular.

This is the perfect choice for anybody that wants to find a new way to ride in different parts of the country. The most basic version of this app is free but there is a premium version that allows you to have access to more advanced tools.

CycleStreets – Free

If you have ever tried to plan a route for your bike ride before, you know how difficult and annoying it can be to do so because there are a ton of different options and you might not know where the route might take you.

With this particular app, you’re going to have no problem mapping out your route because it does most of the work for you. Just insert your starting point and desired finishing point and the app will do the work for you!

One of the best parts about this app is the fact that it can use three different routing modes so that you can choose how you want to travel ranging from a beginner cyclist to a commuter cyclist trying to get from place to place.

Bike Hub Cycle Journey Planner – Free

This is going to be yet another app that you can choose from if you are looking to find a way to get from point A to point B without having to look at a map and figure out what the best way to go is.

Simply input where you are trying to go  and once it has loaded a route for you, it will show you the best way to go in both 2D and 3D satellite navigation as well as turn-by-turn navigation every step of the way.

Additionally, you’re going to be able to select a button on this app and it will tell you right where you can go in order to find the nearest bike shop, which can be an incredibly helpful feature for anyone that is trying to get their bike fixed quickly.

Wahoo Fitness – Free

If you’re looking to find an app that will pair with all of the other technology you have such as a heart-rate monitor, speed sensor and other power meters, then this is going to be one of the best ones for you.

When you use this app to collect information during your bike ride, you’ll find that it is going to upload it to all of the important sites and apps that you might use to track your fitness.

Additionally, it can format your workout data and send it to you in an email. This is one of the better apps you will find when it comes to presenting you with numbers and data on your workout and it comes with a GPS map, but it could burn your battery rather quickly.

CycleMeter – Free (Offers in-app purchases)

If you’re looking to find an incredibly advanced cycling computer from the comfort of your own phone, this is going to be one of the better options that you are going to find on this list. It is somewhat comparable to the app reviewed above because it has a ton of customization options but it also helps to make sure you get a lot of post workout data so you can analyze your ride.

You can quickly and easily start and stop your rides and there is even Google Maps integration in case you need assistance in areas you are not familiar with.

ViewRanger – Free (Offers in-app purchases)

If you are the type of person that wants to get off the roads and head to the mountains, Google Maps and all the other ones aren’t going to get it done for you and that is where this app comes in handy. It is free to download and has a base map of the entire world so you can easily get away from the road.

There are even other maps that you can purchase if you want to do so and it even allows you to create and share your routes with other people that you might know.

Bike Doctor – $2.32

If you’re one of those people that always relies on someone else or spends a lot of money to get your bike fixed in a shop, this might be the best $5 app you will ever buy.

It comes with step-by-step instructions to help you through all of the most common problems you might find on your bike. While you won’t be able to fix everything on your own, it can certainly help with the little problems that might arise.

Strava – Free (Premium version available)

Last but not least, this particular app can be one of the better choices for anybody that wants to find a similar platform to what Garmin offers for the runners on their network. You’re going to get a ton of post-ride analysis and you can even help to map out your future rides and get real-time feedback as well.

Perhaps one of the best and most unique features of this particular app is the social component because it does something that very few other apps are able to do well. Similar to Facebook, you can follow along with your friends and see where they are riding and how they have done and you can even drop some encouragement to them to keep them motivated along the way!


It’s probably pretty obvious for you to see, but there are a lot of great apps on the market and each and every one is going to have a specific purpose for you to use on your next ride.

No matter what you might look for, you’re going to find that these particular apps are going to help make your ride better than ever. While it might not be necessary for you to download all of the apps talked about above, you should at least review what each one offers and determine the best ones from there.

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