Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 LS U-Lock Review

Bike thefts are not uncommon no matter which part of the world you live in. What do you do to keep your bike(s) safe? I am familiar with a lot of riders who use shackles. They also tie up two or more bikes together. But there is a more secure way of dealing with bike protection.

Just use Kryptonite Kryptolock Series 2 LS U-Lock for a much better performance. I prefer this lock over others for the convenience I get using this. In this review, I am going to be brief but precise on benefits that I get while using this bicycle lock.

Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 LS U-Lock Review

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Robust Design Yet Lightweight Lock

The thing about Kryptonite Kryptolock Series 2 LS Lock is that it is robust in every way. Kryptonite guys call it “Nearly Unbreakable Lock.” But then again, there is nothing fancy in the design. Kryptonite has implemented the “Bent Foot” concept which they are very proud of.

The steel construction of this lock doesn’t take damages or scratches. It is a lightweight lock because there are no cables with it. So, you will not be able to tie or lock two bikes with one lock. But you can lock the cycle with its frame. You’ll also get two keys with Kryptolock Series 2 LS U-Lock.

How to Use the Lock?

The main part of the lock is a robust cylinder. With it, a FlexFlame is provided. The FlexFlame is U-Shaped hence the name U-lock came about. But one can choose rectangular, triangular and oval FlexFlames.

The FlexFlame is sturdy and locks with the cylinder at the bottom. It is 25 to 80mm thick. No one can “Normally” cut this lock. Also, you can transport it to anywhere you like. The EZ Carrying system makes it easy. The lock doesn’t make any noise while you are transporting it. You can lock your bike to any object or even with its own frame.

How the Protection Mechanism Actually Works?

Like I said, the lock is damn sturdy.  It’s a hard thing to break down. No thief will be able to cut it or put a scratch on it. Regular drill machines or cutters don’t have any effect on the cylinder at the bottom. You can attach your cycle with a steel pole using this lock.

Kryptonite has challenged people to break their secure lock or cut it. For that, they are ready to issue a $$$$ reward. So far, none has dared to take up the challenge. Seeing the sturdiness, no one ever will.

The Lock Rates High On Kryptonite’s Own Security Scale

To further strengthen their claims about the Kryptonite Kryptolock LS Series 2 U-Lock manufacturers ran some rigorous tests. The results of these tests were graded against a security scale that the makers devised. The lock scored an impressive 8 points out of 15 possible. On the silver sold Secure scale, the results were identical.

However, to me, it felt like bolt cutters could cut the lock. And yes, mine did cut the lock. So, I think, if you are a casual cyclist, this lock will do okay. But if you are a more serious rider, it falls short to provide the security you desire.


  • Robust lock with a good design.
  • You can attach the U-lock with tires or frames of your bike.
  • Lock cylinder shuts into place easily and quietly.
  • A budget-friendly bike.
  • Weighs less than some of the products from Kryptonite.


  • The lock can be cut with bolt cutters.
  • You can’t lock more than one bike with it.
  • If you are a pro, the lock isn’t for you.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q. What to do if I lose the keys?

A. All you have to do is to contact the authorities. You’ll need to inform them about your serial number. The number is there on the keys.

Q. Can this be used on two bikes?

A. My advice would be no. But you’ll be able to lock your bike (or even two bikes if you stretch) with a pole. However, being a lightweight lock, it might snap.

Q. Am I covered for the damages?

A. Yes, Kryptonite covers all its products through warranty. But first, do verify that you own the lock. For that, just provide the customer support with a serial number of the lock and the payment receipt.

Final Verdict

Kryptonite has a reputation for specialized products. It excels in bicycle locks. Moreover, the company manufactures different locks for different types of bikes. These locks are individually tuned to suit your needs and adapt to your city life.

The Kryptonite Kryptolock Series 2 LS U-Lock is best suited for standard and lightweight mountain bikes. The customer support and the security assurances are phenomenal. You’ll find this lock perfect for your most beloved possession, a mountain bike.

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