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This Mountain Bike category of BikeGeeky represents all things that relate to Mountain Bikes. While the terms are simple, not all the mountain bikes are the same.

There are different types and different applications of these vehicles. This section clears the dust with articles on different types of mountain bikes.BikeGeeky enlisted the help of seasoned riders to find out which mountain bikes are best for different budgets.

These bikes are classified according to their uses and types as well. As a result, you’ll have two or three criteria to judge a bike for performance.

These mountain bikes are the very best among mountain race bikes, downhill mountain bikes. Cross country bikes and Enduro bikes that come in all shapes or sizes. Be it “Hard Tail”, “Full Suspension” or even “Rigid” ones; BikeGeeky offers you as much info on popular bikes as possible.

While discussing Mountain Bikes, we didn’t forget the ladies. Our panel of riders and writers have collaborated to provide choices from best mountain bike for women. We took mountain bike tires, the seats, suspension quality, gears, and frames into account while choosing each bike for ladies.