Nashbar CR5 Carbon Road Bike - 11 Speed Ultegra Review

Nashbar CR5 Carbon Road Bike – 11 Speed Ultegra Review

Every time Nashbar announces the release of a new carbon road bike, I count down the days to see what new innovation they have come up with. Just line up every carbon road bike that Nashbar has ever made, and you will see how each bike brings something new and exciting to the table. It is for this reason that I nearly lost my mind when I heard that Nashbar was introducing a CR5 Carbon road bike.

Nashbar CR4 Carbon Road Bike

This bike is everything that you have ever dreamed of; it is fast, full of rich features, and gorgeous to look at. I nearly drooled on the bike when I first got to see it. In order for you to see that I am not just an obsessed Nashbar fan that has no idea what a quality bike looks like, I will provide you with a comprehensive road bike review below. Enjoy!

Who is it made for?

The CR5 Carbon road bike has been built for speed and distance. This road racing bike has the ability to spin, climb, and attack anything in its way, making it one of the best cycling options available. So if you want a fast road bike, this is the one for you.

Features of the Nashbar CR5 Carbon Road Bike – 11 Speed Ultegra

Nashbar CR5 Carbon Road Bike – 11 Speed Ultegra is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Nashbar CR5 Carbon is one of the best in our Carbon Road Bike List.

Top Notch Frame and Fork

Nashbar CR4 Carbon Road Bike – 11 Speed Ultegra gearThe first two things that you will notice about the CR5 Carbon road bike are the frame and fork. The frame is carbon Monocoque, and it has been designed with advanced technology for a more responsive ride. This way you will have full control of the bike on all surfaces and in all conditions. Furthermore, you have the carbon fork, which has been carefully designed to reduce vibration coming from the road. Not only does this make your ride more comfortable, but it also ensures that handling the bike is easy for you.

The bottom bracket of the bike also increases the transfer of power from your pedal strokes and make difference from a mountain bike with the wheels. In this way, you will not feel like you are using up energy for nothing.

Excellent Gearing

Another aspect of the CR5 that I admire is the gearing, which takes your riding experience to a whole new level. The gearing comes courtesy of the Shimano Ultegra 11-speed, which is undoubtedly one of the best choices out there. The gearing is exceptionally precise, reliable, and functional, and will put you at the front when you are racing with other professionals.

Furthermore, we have the compact crankset, which makes it extremely easy to climb hills and rip across flat surfaces. There is no limit to where this bike can take you.

Remarkable Wheels

Nashbar CR4 Carbon Road Bike – 11 Speed Ultegra wheelWhen it comes to the wheels of the Nashbar CR5 Carbon road bike, you will be confronted with versatile aluminum rims. These rims provide the perfect combination of handling and aerodynamics, while the bladed spokes ensure that you will easily slice through the strongest of winds. The wheels of the bike are also reliable and sturdy and will stand up to constant use and abuse.

And we cannot forget the Hutchinson Equinox 2 tires, which perform well in all weather. In fact, the tread on these tires will provide you with all the traction and resilience you need for riding.

Quality Aluminum Construction

Last but not least, the Nashbar CR5 boasts of high-quality aluminum construction. Nashbar realizes that the quality of your ride is easily brought down by subpar construction, and that is why the handlebars, brakes, seat post, stem, and bottom bracket are all high-end aluminum.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Handles well
  • Fast
  • Comfortable
  • Good geometry
  • Quality components

What We Don’t Like

  • Seat is hard

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it difficult to handle the Nashbar CR5 road bike?

A. No, the bike has a full carbon fork as well as a tapered steerer, which allow for responsive handling of the bike.

Q. What type of crankset does the Nashbar CR5 have?

A. The road bike has an Ultegra crankset with Hollowtech technology. This makes the crankset compact and versatile.

Features at a Glance

  • excellent bike because of Ultegra drivetrain
  • Reasonable Price for CR5 Carbon
  • Easy to assemble
  • Especially long drive in the city

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a carbon bike that will take you swiftly from one place to another, then the CR5 Carbon road bike is definitely the way to go. This lightweight and responsive bike is a joy to ride, and you will feel a slight tinge of disappointment every time you have to get off it.


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