Recovery Foods and Drinks for Cyclists

During or after a very hard exercise it typical for you to feel the need to eat or drink something. Most of us rush for things we are craving at the moment just to be relaxed, but there are key elements we need to consider before consuming something after a tough ride. They include;


Considering the time after cycling before consuming a meal affects the muscles of the body succinctly. It is, therefore, great to make sure that you create a specific hierarchy of meals in respect to cycling routine so as to reduce aches. Similarly, you will be enhancing your cycling performance by refueling your muscles the right way. Considering time generally, stimulates recovery and flexible fitness.

Type of food

You should also consume a meal that is healthy and has all the minerals and vitamins your body requires. For instance, for recovery after a long ride, you may try a great multivitamin and mineral formula that is well equipped with antioxidants. Foods with glutamine have more amino acids which help refill blood and muscles preventing you from infections and getting tired easily.

The reason behind your consumption

Most people have different reasons why they choose to cycle. For some it could be for health reasons like keeping fit, others it could be for fun whereas for some it may be because for transport. Since you know your reason for cycling, I suggest that you stick to a helpful style of eating and drinking. The one that is good for cycling.

Best Recovery Foods For Cyclists

During or after a challenging ride the energy level in your body depletes. That is why aside from drinking water, your body also needs two types of foods. The two types of food include; the carbohydrates and proteins,

Carbohydrates are sugars, and you know that sugar helps add energy in the body. They are important to refill glycogen stores whereas proteins are required to restore and form up muscle tissue.

On that note, my team and I did a very intense research on the important foods you as a cyclist need to eat after an extreme ride. Along with it are the benefits of the foods to your body so that you are assured of their importance.


Everyone who knows what high-quality food means knows how important a smoothie is in someone’s diet especially for a cyclist. One good thing about a smoothie is that you can make it then go on a ride and come back to enjoy it. Therefore, prepare one that fits your needs just make sure it has proteins, carbohydrates, and a great base.


As much as most nutritionists discourage people to consume eggs because of their high levels of cholesterol, there are just a few most vital things you need to know about eggs. They are the best protein givers, and they produce amino acids that can be easily digested by the human body especially for cyclists and have high chlorine levels meaning, if you have eggs you will have less risks of inflammation.

Chocolate milk

From recent discoveries, most people, assume chocolate milk yet it is very important for your body as a cyclist. As much as it provides all the basic nutrients a smoothie and an egg can give, the best thing about it is that the nutrients are extremely easy for the body to break down. Besides, milk provides large amounts of calcium and vitamin D.


Sometimes you could get home tired and have a hard time preparing a nutritious meal for yourself. To curb that, you can carry some fresh berries and consume them immediately after you end your adventure. They contain water and have unbeatable high content of carbohydrates. Berries are simply the best for re-hydration.

Nut butter

When it comes to keeping your bones fit and tough, the nut butter comes in handy. Nuts are high in protein, but nut butter is super rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Taking in all these after a long, inflexible ride, you will be improving your muscles, keeping your nervous system sharp and strengthening your bones two times more.

Sweet potato

From experience, after a heavy activity or exercise, one usually needs food that will bring back his or her energy in plenty at ones. So, what other ways could that be? Yes, you guessed it right. That is the time you become proud of having some sweet potatoes at home. They contain carbohydrates that digest fast and refill your glycogen stores and recover your body’s strength.

White rice

The traditional white rice contains a high level of simple sugars which your body is capable of breaking down easily. If eating white rice cooked in plain water is a bit hard, then you can add coconut milk. Besides coconut milk also contains added nutrients like amino acids which will be great for you.


Chicken is also mostly viewed as a junk food. Little do people know that these tasty birds have unique and extremely essential nutrients for the human body? Chicken contains high levels of phosphorous and vitamin B6 which is important for your nervous system. So, as a cyclist, grab some chicken sometime.


There are many different fruits that you can enjoy after a hideous ride, but for a great cyclist like you, I specifically insist you try the cantaloupe. Unlike any other fruit, it has potassium, at very high levels. You will also get to replenish your body with vitamin A and beta-carotene. I can assure you with regular consumption of cantaloupe, and you will be improving your immune system succinctly.

Final Words

Depending on the time you still have on your side before getting engaged to another activity, the recovery process can be a success if you begin as soon as possible. But if you don’t have anything else to do then, you have plenty of time to recover.

Also, don’t just reach for a meal because you think you have to eat it. Know your body first so that you can restock these depleted glycogen stores appropriately and improve your health. In short, have a healthy plan.

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