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There’s nothing more entertaining for a biker to take his road bike for a ride whenever he/she can. These bikes are diverse. Finding the ideal bike is a challenge for novices. This is where the articles in “Road Bikes” category of BikeGeeky come into play.

We understand a road bike is subject to one’s budget and preferences.

That is why the expert bikers and writers of BikeGeeky have combined their efforts to find the best ones that might suit your abilities and wallet. These bikes come with special features, constructions to withstand roads and different perks depending on how much you are willing to spend.

These articles will also provide you reviews of specific bikes suitable for both men and women. Ladies need few additional enhancements and advantages while riding on roads. BikeGeeky knows that. We’ve tried very best to present the women the best road bikes that suit their type and conditions.

While selecting each bike for the price and feature, we considered the benefits and the reputation of the brands. If you are struggling to find the best match between performance and expense, these posts are for you.

We are trying to build a vast resource on road bikes, and these are the contents we have published so far. If you have any question, or feedback about any of our content, feel free to contact us. If you are a pro rider and want to help BikeGeeky making the resource even better, let's talk!

Some of our valuable road bike resources: