What Type of Bike Should I Get? Complete Guide From A Long Time Rider!

Good question indeed.

Most cycling first timers are always in a dilemma picking a bike that will serve them right. Given that we need bikes for different reasons, probably what suits someone else may not be the best for you.

Some people may need a bike to commute to work, exercise, for recreation and sports among other needs. If you had not given it a thought yet, just take a moment to analyze the distance you will want to cover, the kind of road; whether muddy, rocky or tarmac, model preferences, the bulkiness of the luggage you will be carrying and the speed you wish to ride with among other factors.

You will find that there is so much to look into before purchasing a bike blindly. You do not want to get a bike that will disappoint you within a few days of use.

I have been there too. I understand the thousands of questions you have in mind. To make your life easier, I have done a thorough research about various models that will make your bike seeking job tolerable. This includes the following;

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are the most popular bikes so far. They are loved for the stress-free maintenance and operation that it depicts. You just recharge your bike while waiting for the next ride. The environmental friendly bike does not use gasoline so you can imagine the kind of air you will breathe.

So fresh and healthy! They are sturdily constructed for heavy duty as they can handle a large capacity of luggage and can be used in any road terrain. Be sure that you will enjoy a comfortable, license free and stress-free ride.

Foldable Bikes

Foldable bike models are common among most city commuters who wish to go for short rides. If you have limited space for parking, then this model will make you smile. You can fold it for easy portability and storage.

You can carry it to your office or workplace and store it under your desk when not using it. You will never fight or argue over a parking space with your colleague. Also, you can fold it to board a bus or car if need be. The bike is so economical and will give you an easy time in your daily schedule.

Road Bike

The first clue that comes to your mind with the mention of this model is the ride on the road. Indeed, the model is awesome on surfaced roads.  If you are into speed, stamina, and effortless paddling, then a road bike is specially designed for you. It is renowned for lightweight frames and thin tires that make you ride with incredible speed without straining. Road bikes come in beautiful designs and colors. You can buy a decent bike under $500 budget, or you can go as high as you want for more flexibility!

The models are often used in sporting activities or commuting to work. If you would wish to carry a bulky load, this bike may not be ideal for you as most of the bikes have no luggage carrier fittings. Road bikes are fun to ride around for adventures, especially during summer. You may not like it to ride the model during heavy rains or in a road full of potholes.

Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are flexible on any road terrain and are best suited for adventure around the city. If you need a bike to commute to work, then this model is best for you. The bike if swift and can take you to wherever you wish within a few minutes.

The bike is comfortable and stable to ride on. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to peddle and move fast. The bike is also best for a cyclist with luggage to carry. It is sturdy to accommodate any bulk without any difficulty.

Our friend Stephane Dumont make a nice video on hybrid vs road bike:

Mountain Bikes

Most cyclists prefer mountain bikes for its toughness and sturdiness. No rough road terrain or long distance coverage can be a hitch with this model. Mountain bikes have beastly tires that fit on any road surface. Their construction is also unmatched.

The great brakes, gears and upright position make it suitable and reliable to be used in the rugged surfaces, in any weather. In spite of this, the model may not be very friendly on a tarmac road surface hence you may not want to purchase it for the tarmac. The bike is awesome for heavy duty and is well built to be competent for the job.

Gravel Bikes

If you are the fun guy who wants nothing but adventure and fun thrilled riding, then you should be preparing your coins for this model. The bike is the new model in town regarding its fashionable style and the sleek look it depicts.

The bike has the speed, stamina, oomph, weight and height that will take you through all kinds of roads, no matter how terrible or smooth the road surfaces are. Hence, the sturdily built model is best suited for any weather as it will never be any disappointment.

Single-Speed Bike

Its users love simple speed bikes for the simplicity it depicts in operation and maintenance. It is also fast to ride and will be most suitable for commuting.  Any first timer will be able to operate it with ease and even become a pro within a few days of use. The hardcore bike is beautifully designed and well-engineered to give outstanding performances.

It will, therefore, fit you if you want a bike for heavy duty and that can handle any road terrain. In spite of this, you may need thorough skills on how to operate it. Hence, the bike will serve you right if you are patient and a quick learner.

Final Words

Apart from the variety of models provided in the market, you should able to pick a bike that will fit your budget, taste, and preferences. You should also be in a position to ride it with much ease.  The bike should also make your life easier, healthier and more fun.

After all, why would you need to exercise your body with so much strain or stress? Or even go for an adventure to the woods or beach with a bike that will disappoint you? Your happiness should come first hence, go for the best model at your convenience.

About the Author Matthew R. Duncan

I am proud to be the go-to guy among my circle for bike advice. I take it personally when someone I know buys a new bike without consulting me first!

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