What The World Would Be Like If Road Bikes Didn’t Exist

What comes second to automobiles? In most cases, it has got to be a road bike. Everyone wants to own a road bike, starting from school kids to people who work with corporates. Cruising using a road bike is one of the best feelings ever. Now we are talking about one of the most amazing things you will ever own never having been in existence.

I could approach this topic in an ideal world where there would be other means to compensate for the deficiency. My approach is different though. I wish to approach the topic from a different perspective. A perspective of all the numerous benefits of the road bikes vanishing as the bike vanishes.

At the point of everything vanishing, I cannot help to picture a big unhealthy self. With no offense to big people, I hope you get what I mean. I am an athletic old/young man. I am in my early 40s, but if you get the chance to see me, you would not agree. At the most, I would be thirty years old to you. Before I say that I own two road bikes, let us see a breakdown of the benefits of road bikes.

Benefits Of A Road Bike

  • Easy and cheap transportation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Exercising to keep fit
  • Ease congestion on the roads
  • People use road bikes for the cycling sport

Zombies Would Replace Reproductive People

Apart from athletes, I don’t know other people who get a high self-drive to hit the road for a run or jog. You could argue that you have got a gym subscription. Owning a road bike eliminates the need for a gym subscription. Well, maybe I have exaggerated that, but it works for me. Several push-ups to work the upper body do the trick.

A road bike, all through the night keeps me looking forward to dawn. I hit the streets at 20 miles an hour, and I do not see a better way to race the heart. If I did not have a schedule to keep me in check, I would work out, for several hours, but I have to stick to 45 minutes.

I know I represent a majority of other people who love the adrenaline rush of cruising using a road bike. Biking does not only keep me fit but also, it helps me reduce my stress levels. So if we are looking at a case of not having road bikes, a zombie best describes me.

Global Warming

I do not have to spell it out. We are in an age where anyone who has the will owns an automobile. Leave alone the capability. The majority of the world’s population is in a position to own a car. All those fumes? Global warming is knocking at our doors. The only way to salvage the world is by switching to the eco-friendly road bikes.

The good news is that many people are embracing the road bikes. The world would be like global warming staring at our noses without the road bikes. It would be doom for the world.

Traffic Congestion (Hooting Everywhere)

With an influx in the number of automobiles, our road is still not in a position to accommodate the traffic without hitches. The hitches come in the name of traffic jams. Do you know how much money the time we waste in traffic jams would pump into the economy if we would use it in the office? Or just at work?

Cannot tell exactly by how much the economy would grow. What I know is that it would improve significantly. We have road bikes which ease the congestion yet there is room for improvement. Without road bikes, we would be staring at a stuck nation. Not to mention that public means of transport do not auger well to some of us.

Increased Cost Of Living

What does it require to maintain a road bike? $50 at the most in a year. Assuming that you go for repairs regularly to keep everything in check. The lubricating and keeping the bolts and nuts tight is a thing you can do by yourself.

On the other hand, I know of family and friends who once in a while decide that the cost of gas is just too much. Some go ahead to rent out their cars to get some extra bucks as they cannot afford the maintenance.

Minus The Cycling Sports Revenue And Fun

For the cycling enthusiasts, it would be a dull world without the cycling competition. Some people would have to find other talents to survive. It would be such an unfair world for them. As a sport, cycling also generates some revenue for the nation.

Fathers That Do Not Know How To Bond With Their Kids

This one is laughable, but most fathers would be out of ways to bond with their sons and daughters. I am one of these fathers. At the tender age of both my son and daughter, we bonded as I was teaching them riding their bikes.

It is always an exhilarating moment for the fathers to see their kids learn to balance on their own. Kids see their fathers as heroes as a result. Maybe I would have to resort to football of which I am not very good at.


I know of corporates that encourage their workers to use road bikes. Studies show that people who bike are more productive that those that do not.  In your capacity, you save the planet by easing on the fume emissions. Doctors the world over are recommending patients to embrace biking to beat illnesses.

Road bikes are what everyone is using for cardiovascular exercises. The facts have it that biking help with strengthening the bones and toning muscles. Road bikes are fun to exercise, get to work, and exploring nature. What would the world like if road bikes if did not exist? It would be doom for the world.

About the Author Matthew R. Duncan

I am proud to be the go-to guy among my circle for bike advice. I take it personally when someone I know buys a new bike without consulting me first!

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